WND’s Take on Matthew Shepard Is Particularly Vile

Posted: September 21, 2013 in homosexuality
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Matthew Shepard was an American young man who was aged 21 in 1998 when he was killed in a vicious anti-gay attack that killed him 12 hours later. It brought into sharp focus anti-gay hate crimes and numerous pieces of legislation have been named after him in an attempt to never have this happen again. The Matthew Shepard Foundation was started in particular to advance this goal.

Matthew Shepard Wasn't Really Gay-Bashed!?!?

Matthew Shepard Wasn’t Really Gay-Bashed!?!?

Now, World Net Daily is republishing a Brietbart story about a book, “The Book of Matt,” written by Stephen Jiminez, and claims in parts, “Shepard was a meth dealer himself and he was friends and sex partners with the man who led in his killing.” WND headlines their link as, “Book: Matthew Shepard Murdered by ‘Gay’ Lover.” Two days later, it even garnered a column by WND founder Joseph Farah with the headline, “The Matthew Shepard Myth Explodes.”

In his column, Farah asks, “What will become of all [the foundations started because of Matthew Shepard’s death] now that the truth is coming out?” Farah summarizes from the book: “Shepard was not a martyr in the battle with homophobia. He was simply the victim of consensual homosexual relationship gone bad – as too many do.”

I choose not to go into this any more. I’m posting it because I had a particularly visceral reaction when I saw not one but two WND headlines about it. Instead, I’ll point you to Media Matters that shows that even in 2004, Jiminez “had decided that methamphetamine motivated the murder and not anti-gay bias[, and t]en years after he’d already made up his mind, Jimenez is publishing his book.”

Finally, I’ll quote from the Matthew Shepard Foundation:

“Attempts now to rewrite the story of this hate crime appear to be based on untrustworthy sources, factual errors, rumors and innuendo rather than the actual evidence gathered by law enforcement and presented in a court of law. We do not respond to innuendo, rumor or conspiracy theories. Instead we recommit ourselves to honoring Matthew’s memory, and refuse to be intimidated by those who seek to tarnish it.”


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