A Basic Astronomy Education and Public Outreach Press Release Brings Out the World Net Daily Loonies

Posted: September 22, 2013 in science
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Pun intended in the title considering the story is from the London Guardian that WND titles, “‘Rotating Moon’ Filmed by NASA.”

This is basically a movie made with Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photographs of the lunar surface. The movie was made by people specifically tasked to create education and public outreach (“EPO”) materials to help get the public educated about and interested in NASA science. It’s a tiny part of many large science budgets of NASA missions, but it’s a required part usually.

The post has generated 24 comments on WND in the roughly 1 day that it’s been up, and they do range over a large number of “issues.” Fully 8 comments (that’s 33%) are complaining about the 30-second ad to watch a 29-second video on London Guardian‘s website. Another 6 (that’s 25%) are debating whether we actually landed on the moon with astronauts during the Apollo missions. And another 6 (another 25%) are arguing about geo vs heliocentrism (Earth- or Sun-centered solar system).

I weep for the state of education in the United States.


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