God Saved 15 People at McDonalds, Ignored Thousands Others Currently Dying in Agony

Posted: September 27, 2013 in guns, religion
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It’s a headline you might expect from The Onion, but it’s how I feel these days after reading a headline like this one from World Net Daily: Did Divine Intervention Prevent McDonald’s Massacre? The story was originally a link to another news source and under the headline, “Did Mother’s Prayer Stop McDonald’s Massacre?”

I hate to say in a situation like this that the story itself is again, somewhat unimportant and not unusual for America: Guy walks into a place (McDonalds in this case), waves a gun, asks for valuables. And in this case, he fired at people. Except that his gun wouldn’t fire. He ran outside, fixed, it (why did he have to go outside to do that? why didn’t someone lock the doors when he left?), came back, and it wouldn’t fire again. Ran outside, fixed it (again, why did no one lock the doors?), came back in, and again it wouldn’t fire.

The shooter apparently has a mental illness. From the few psych classes I took, based on what his mother is saying, he sounds like he has paranoid schizophrenia (and he’s 24, around the age when schizotypal disorders manifest): ““He said, ‘They’re trying to kill me, Mama! I’m going to die tonight! I’m going to die tonight!’” the mother, who didn’t want to be identified, told the newspaper. … [Her son] said he was hearing voices.”

And, after he told his mother that the previous night, she prayed: “Last night, I told God to keep Jestin, and that’s what I do believe happened.”

Okay, let’s not minimize that it’s a good thing the gun didn’t work, and it’s a good thing no one was injured nor killed, and that the gunman is now in custody and hopefully being mentally evaluated.

With that out of the way, let’s look at this again from a perhaps more cynical vantage point, and let’s say the mother is 100% correct and there is an omnipotent deity who does answer prayers and answered hers. So, this god decided to answer one prayer to keep safe a guy and saved 15 would-be victims by making a gun misfire. Meanwhile, this omnipotent god – all-powerful, -knowing, -capable, -etc. – didn’t have the guy to go a hospital. Turn himself in. Or let’s go further: This creator of everything and able-to-intervener in everything is allowing untold tens of thousands of people to be slaughtered daily across the world in civil wars, dictatorships, other gun-related crimes, malnutrition, no medical care situations, etc.

It decided to save 15 people instead of thousands.

Lady, your god sucks.

Not that I expect you to agree with me. Nor do I expect WND commenters to agree with me. Let’s take a sampling of the top-rated comments out of the 218 on this 13-hour-old article, shall we:

  • kingdad – “Thank You Good Lord for Favors received and Prayers Answered!”
  • LindaRivera – “Amen! What a Wonderful, WONDERFUL, Most PRECIOUS God! May God’s Name be praised for all eternity! “
  • gardeninggal1 – “After reading the story there is nothing to say, but, Praise the Lord.”
  • AnitaHaircut – “Divine intervention indeed…there have been other accounts of such incidences. God is great and merciful.”

Those are the top-rated comments, all with more than 20 up-votes and no down-votes.

Sorry, I disagree. Your god is not worth worshiping if it is willing to prevent 15 people from dying in the US at a McDonalds and not willing to prevent the nearly 21,000 deaths every year from hunger. I’ve never read Hitchens, but I’ll quote his book at this point: god Is Not Great.

  1. pencil says:

    You need to dispel the myth. Get deep into the story and debunk.

  2. Flip says:

    This isn’t proof of god, but rather proof of a lot of stoopid in America. For so many reasons.

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