Do You Believe?

Posted: September 28, 2013 in religion, science
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Another week, another video from David Rives. One of the only up-sides to these videos is that they do not attract a lot of comments, and those that they do, are mostly against him.

The purpose of this past week’s two-minute video, “Evolution: Are You a ‘Believer’?” is to try to put evolution on the same “belief” footing as creationism. To argue that both are simply world views and are on equal footing (false dichotomy, anyone?).

I’ve actually written about this before on my other blog, back in 2010 in a post entitled, “Do Scientists Believe?” In it, I argued – perhaps pedantically – that we should avoid using the word “believe” when it’s something based on objective data. If it’s something we’ve come to through reason, logic, and evidence, the term should be “think,” or even “conclude.”

The top-rated comment to Rives’ video this week comes from “fredw” who wrote this:

I don’t “believe” in evolution. I *accept* evolution because it explains the facts better than any competing theory. Rives is welcome to present his competing case at any time, but this “they’re both equal and we’ll never know” stuff is false equivalence – he’s trying to whitewash over the fact that most of the evidence is on the side of evolution. Of course we can determine things about the past – ask any historian or detective, or any geologist, physicist, astronomer, etc.

I notice that this is a regular series – all we hear is “famous scientist X was a believer”, or “evolution can’t answer question Y” – none of these mean evolution is wrong, or creationism is correct.

If he wants to convince me, show me the direct evidence of creationism.

Eh, false equivalence, false dichotomy … whatever. Otherwise, I completely agree, and as I mentioned, it’s reassuring that the most popular comments to David’s videos tend to be on the side of science. Especially on a site like World Net Daily.


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