George H.W. Bush Witnesses a Same-Sex Marriage, World Net Daily Readership Is Pissed

Posted: September 30, 2013 in homosexuality, Republicans / GOP
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It’s a bit of an old story and I almost didn’t bother to write about it on here because the comments are what you would expect and WND only linked to a Washington Post article about it: Bush 41 Witness at ‘Gay’ Marriage in Maine.”

In fact, I’m only writing about this in case you, dear reader, missed it. George H.W. Bush, US President #41, from 1989 to 1993, was a witness on a marriage license for a homosexual male couple who got married in Maine. Father of George W. Bush, US President #43, one of the most conservative and religious presidents in recent memory.

Well, I suppose I’m also writing about it to point out just how far we’ve come as a society where even a guy like H.W. Bush would do this. And to show just how über-conservative and out of touch World Net Daily commenters are (i.e., two of the three top-rated comments are Bible verses condemning homosexuality).


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