Millions Dead Because of Evolution

Posted: October 4, 2013 in science
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WND’s post by Jim Fletcher, Evolution to Blame for Murder of Millions?,” is about Jerry Bergman’s new book (Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview). You can figure out the point of the article from its title, and I feel no need to read it. In one day, it has garnered over 100 comments, and fortunately many of the highly-rated ones are pro-sanity.

Oh, and some time in the last week, while I was at Yellowstone, WND added the ability to rate articles. This one has 25 ratings right now with an average score of 2.96.

My comments on this can really be “summarized” by my post on my Exposing PseudoAstronomy blog, “If Darwin Is Responsible for the Holocaust, Newton Is Responsible for Bombs.” To quote the relevant parts:

Claiming that Darwin was the cause of Hitler’s holocaust, or eugenics, or whatever is the same as saying that Isaac Newton is responsible for bombs. Or for missiles. Yes, dear reader, it’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter that projectile weapons had been in use for, oh, maybe 100,000 years before Newton was born. Or that missiles weren’t created until maybe 300 years after Newton died. Doesn’t matter. It’s the exact same logic that the … folks use to say Darwin was responsible for the holocaust.

Why? Because Newton formulated gravity. Without understanding how gravity works and being able to predict how objects will behave when forces are applied, then we can’t understand how bombs or missiles work. The entire idea behind “The Rocket Equation” (the bane of undergrad physics) wouldn’t have been possible without the gravitational theory Newton formulated or the calculus he is generally credited with creating. (“The Rocket Equation” is a differential equation that describes the motion of a rocket as mass is lost because in a rocket, the fuel is a significant fraction of the initial mass.)

Does that mean, from an actual objective view, that Newton really is responsible for missiles? Or is Archimedes responsible for battleships (after all, he’s generally credited with figuring out buoyancy)? Of course not. These men developed ideas of science that could predict how things would behave in the future and explain how things behaved in the past.

Similarly, Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution to describe the scientific theory that all creatures are descended from a common ancestor. This theory describes how things behaved in the past, and it is used to predict how things will behave or discoveries that will be made in the future.

No, he’s not. A scientific theory in itself does not have any sense of morality attached to it. It just is. It is neither good nor bad. People can use it and abuse it for good or bad things. Just as Newton’s theory of gravity describes how a missile launched from Iran can strike Israel, it also describes how Apollo 11 landed on the moon and returned safely with its crew. Using a theory to do something that is considered good or bad by the majority says nothing about that theory’s origin, nor should the blame or credit be given, necessarily, to that theory’s formulator.

Science is built upon the shoulders of giants, and if Darwin hadn’t formulated evolution when he did, someone else would have shortly thereafter. Similarly for Relativity — if Einstein hadn’t formulated it when he did, someone else would have very soon after, for the pieces were already out there, they just needed someone to put them together in a new way.

If you’re still not understanding this, let’s think of it a different way. Let’s use Christianity. Many Christians, I’m sure, are wonderful people who believe that Christianity stands for helping the sick, feeding the homeless, keeping children off the streets and occupied with productive things, and so on and so forth. Those are the tangible things – I’m ignoring the more spiritual for purposes of this argument.

So under this idea, priests will go to hospitals and sit with people who need to just have someone there with them. Churches will organize groups to work at a soup kitchen, etc.

But, using the exact same philosophy, using Christianity as a justification, the Crusades were launched from Europe, killing tens of thousands. The Inquisition destroyed livelihoods and lives throughout Europe a few centuries later. Literal witch hunts killed dozens in America, but tens of thousands across much of England and some of Europe only a century or two after that.

People will give Jesus credit for the ideas of Christianity and why they are volunteering in a school for underprivileged children, or running a daycare in the church basement. Do they also give Jesus credit for killing hundreds of thousands of people because of everything else people have done supposedly in his name?

Think about that next time you hear someone say that Darwin is responsible for Hitler.

  1. roberta4949 says:

    the teaching of evolution by religious leaders is paramount in the idea there is no god or if there is he set things in motion and it is up to man to rule over himself,it also discredits the bible which says God created things according to their kind complete without the need for evolution, without a higher authority determining right and wrong what you have is just opinion masquerading as morality. in fact I have heard the expression moral relativism, this is jsut the excuse rulers can use to get people to do some pretty horrible things, I heard they even consider getting a consences to determine right and wrong, so if you can brainwash people enough you can get them to agree 2+2=5 (which is precisly what 1984 was about)you can get them to agree to murder their fellow man and still feel rightous and good about themselves. without a strong barrier to propaganda people can be programmed to do just about anything you can imagine, even some shocking things, so evolution is just part of the chain to achieve this type of control over people after all people who strongly believe they are right in something will do that something even if it is totally wrong in the eyes of logical thinkers and moral individuals who have not seared their natural born conscience nor lost their god given moral compass. in fact the hypocrisy and lawlessness in the churches and rulers of christendom (who claim to be a christian nation) and evolution combined have created a class of agnostics and athiests. the fact we are seeing unprecedented wars and misery and cruelty and rights violation despite the technologic advances which actually increase the ability to do horrible things much quicker and better and easier(technology I love it and hate it, it is a double edge sword.) .this has turned people off from God or even the idea of a God of love justice and mercy or a god of anything good or bad. christendom rulers both political and religious will suffer punishement from Jehovah for reproaching him, and causing people to turn away from him. this is what psalms 2, revelation talks about (babylon the great being the empire of false religion)dan 2:44 rev 19 and more

  2. Flip says:

    So much wrong, so little punctuation. Where does one even begin?

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