Star Parker’s Latest Rant Under a Misleading Title About Solutions from the Tea Party

Posted: October 5, 2013 in politics
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Tea Party Is the Solution, Not the Problem,” would seem to be an article extolling the virtues of the Tea Party and explaining, well, how it’s a solution to something and not the problem. Right? That’s what Star Parker’s title would seem to this naïve non-Tea Partier (I prefer margarita parties instead, thank you very much).

But no, that’s not at all what it’s about. She spends a lot of words explaining that it is the Legislative Branch of government that has the power to control funding. Really. That’s the point of her article. And that polls show that Americans don’t like what the Republicans have made them think the Affordable Care Act does.

I’ve read her article twice now (can I have that part of my life back?). I can’t find anything in it that has anything to do with the Tea Party being the solution to anything.

So … so much for that. The article has 4 votes for an average score of 4.00.

“Manuka” has the second-highest-rated comment with the most up-votes:

Nope. Going to stick with my statement that the functioning of the government is more important than anyone’s ideological beliefs, and that the tea party is and will remain run by delusional people who can’t accept they’ve lost the country.

And no matter how hard they try and how many short term victories they gain, they’ll never get it back. Never. Not. Ever. So I’m not even angry anymore. I used to be furious, but then I stepped back and realized A) the system is basically working, despite the actions of a tiny minority to throw it for a loop; and B) that tiny minority is on the verge of extinction.

  1. Woof says:

    Margarita parties FTW!

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