The Friend of My Friend Makes My Friend My Enemy

Posted: October 6, 2013 in religion
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Or something like that.

I’m kinda diggin’ this Pope Francis guy. World Net Daily is not. Their latest piece, published yesterday, is authorless and entitled, “Shock! Radical Group Raves About Francis.” To spare you needing to read the 38±3 paragraphs, basically the point of the article is two-fold: (1) A communist group likes some of what Pope Francis has said, and (2) buy our book discussing the (debunked) prophecy of the “last pope” (see my post on THAT fun li’l bit).

So, conservative catholics are “supposed” to like the Pope. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m under the impression that il Papa is supposed to be the Christian god’s voice on Earth. Direct line to the Big Guy/Gal/Thing. So, while the Pope might be fallible, the voice(s) he’s hearing is/are not. And, Commies are apparently diggin’ what this Pope is peddlin’:

“Catholic Social Thought, we should note,” agreed the Communist publication, “is very pro-worker and pro-union.

The Communists continued, “Pope Francis has provided a moral bully pulpit to rally the world’s workers in the ongoing crusade against corporate greed, in all its manifestations that beat us down.”

They cheered him.

“If Francis’ words can marshal more people into the streets to stand up for ourselves and against the capitalist chieftains who rob us of our money, dignity, self-respect, right to organize and right to keep the fruits – all the fruits – of our labor, all the better.”

In a second article, the Communists called Francis “a breath of fresh air.”

His remarks, the article said, have pointed out a new atmosphere and attitude in the church, “and an implicit rebuke to some U.S. bishops who have allied themselves with the political right.”

Wasn’t Jesus kinda the original communist, or at least anti-capitalist? Throwing out the money lenders an’ all that?

Anyway, this has garnered nearly 400 comments in the day it’s been up and 102 ratings (average score is 3.88/5). And, because an apparent enemy (damn dirty commies!!!) likes the Pope, that means the Pope is now suspect. At least, that’s according to most of the top-rated comments.

For example, a very unambiguously named commenter, “Christina4Jesus”, wrote the current top comment with 20 up-votes and 0 down: “This pope needs to clarify his statements. He is confusing everyone. First him, then Joel Olsteen seem to be kissing the liberals’ butts as if they are afraid of bad publicity or something. These public Christians need to stop fearing gays and commies and start fearing Jesus.”


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