Another, “I’m Christian, so Rules for Everyone Else Shouldn’t Apply to Me!” Story

Posted: October 7, 2013 in legal / law, religion
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It’s fairly common-place, and I’m not sure why I picked up on this particular example, but I did: “City Orders: Remove ‘God Bless America’ Yard Signs.”

From what I gather without doing any additional research, the city of Tampa Bay (Florida, USA) has some sort of ordinance that prohibits yard sign displays except during major holidays. Keep in mind that ordinances typically have to be voted in by a city council, and sometimes approved by voters.

The problem now is that Perpetually Oppressed God-fearing Christians®™ are now realizing that those rules that apply to everyone else also – gasp! – apply to them, too! Now, whether the ordinance actually is legal or illegal is unknown to me — some First Amendment scholar would need to weigh in on that. But, until that time, rules apply to everyone, not just heathens.

I don’t think it’s even worth saying more on this topic, or even getting into the comments, which number 166 as of now (the story was posted two days ago). The story has 18 ratings and averages 3.94/5.


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