Even Ted Cruz Is Too Liberal for Some World Net Daily Readers, But He’s Generally Adored

Posted: October 7, 2013 in politics, Republicans / GOP
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World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah (founder/CEO) wrote yesterday, “Cruz Sets New standard for Conservatives.”

How to even go there? For those who have been oblivious to US politics in the last few weeks, Senator Ted Cruz is a Tea Party darling who tried to filibuster a budget bill in the Senate that did not defund the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Many traditional Republicans are pretty pissed at him, including many major donors in the party, and many in the media and elsewhere are using him as a poster child for the kind of legislator that has led to the US government shutdown.

One would think that World Net Daily and its commenters would be singing his praises. One would be mostly correct, but still partly wrong.

The thesis of Farah’s commentary comes in this paragraph and the last one:

Ted Cruz is very rapidly setting the new standard for conservatism in America today. It’s just that simple. He is becoming the barometer by which you measure who the real conservatives are. If you see them attacking Cruz, you can know with absolute certainty they are part of the problem in Washington. You can know with absolute certainty they are Republicans in name only. You can know with absolute certainty that they are jealous of the new kid in town.

… So here’s the new litmus test for conservatism in Washington: If they attack Ted Cruz instead of Obama, you can be sure they are not conservatives.

This idea of jealousy is something I see often, and it’s somewhat confusing to me. For example, in my astronomy skeptical outreach work, I’ve interacted a bit with a guy named Mike Bara. Whenever I’ve addressed his rather preposterous claims, he’s shot back with 50% insults, 50% talking around my points with more pseudoscience (those numbers are approximate). His latest five-part post on his blog makes the confusing claim that I’m obsessed with him and jealous. Keep in mind that I wrote one blog post about him in 2011 and a series about his claims about a pyramid on the moon in 2012. I haven’t so much as mentioned him in over a year. And yet, he wrote that I’m jealous of his success and obsessed with him. I guess that’s the only way he can justify his latest rant.

Let me be clear: I’m not jealous of Mike Bara. In the same way that I’m sure many of the people now pissed with Ted Cruz are not jealous of him but rather recognize the billions of dollars of harm that his no-compromise philosophy is doing to the United States and the people who will literally die as a consequence of, for example, NIH drug trials shutting down. If you’re jealous of Ted Cruz for wasting money and indirectly being responsible for people dying, you’re not a very good person.

Most commenters, however, agree with Farah. The story has been up for 15 hours so far and attracted a 4.43/5 stars (7 ratings) and 19 comments. Many commenters are very dismissive of Grover Norquist, a guy they used to pay homage to (and subject of other parts of Farah’s attack). Others are glowing reviews of Cruz, such as by “ramblindon”: “Ted Cruz exemplifies what true patriotism is all about, speaking the truth to an America that is being defeated by foreign (Obama) and domestic (demo_rats, GOP establishment RINO’s) enemies within. Sum of the matter? Put Ted Cruz’s picture next to the world “patriot” in the dictionary! Period! End Report!”

But at least one other (“winstonsmith”) has a different opinion:

Cruz SUPPORTS abortion, homosexual “marriage,” socialized medicine, gungrabbing, leftist judges and all-around PROGRESSIVISM… by supporting Romney in 2012.
… well, unless he was lying through his teeth and really DOESN’T support Romney – making him UNFIT FOR ANY LEADERSHIP POSITION, either way.

Cruz is NOTHING MORE than tomorrow’s “RINO.” Same as the Gingriches, Santorums and Boehners of the 90’s, same as Rubios, Scotts and Bachmanns of 2010, AND EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN the MS(republican)M SHILLS FOR!

ANYONE… I MEAN ANYONE, who continues to support the LEFTIST republican party IS DIRECTLY COMPLICIT IN OUR REPUBLIC’S COLLAPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. You know you’re conservative when Ted Cruz is to liberal.


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