How do World Net Daily Commenters React to “God Particle” Scientists Receiving Nobel Prize in Physics?

Posted: October 9, 2013 in religion, science
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Going in, seeing “‘God Particle’ Scientists Win Nobel Prize,” I figured that there would be a lot of Bible verses in the comments but mostly people saying that you can’t know the mind of God.

Sometimes I like being right. Sometimes I don’t. Not sure which it is this time.

Keep in mind that the “God Particle” was not a name imparted to the Higgs boson by scientists. It was by headline and title writers. The scientists involved generally are agnostic or hostile to the name. Probably because of the reaction by religious nuts or people just not understanding what’s going on.

Take the highest rated comment (4 up, 0 down), by “isallwon”: “The mysteries of Godliness how great they are. When man can manage all the suns and planets in outer space, be to each of them in an instant, see each one with an all seeing eye having count of every particle therein, create and dissolve them at will and plumb the vast depths of the universe without any difficulty whatsoever, then and only then will man understand God. Until then, the God Particle what?”

If you actually know any physics whatsoever, this is a complete non sequitur. It’s based on a misunderstanding of the name.

Surprisingly, the second-highest comment, by “ratamacue76”, with 3 up and 0 down votes, points this out: “Neither of these scientist like the higgs boson particle to be referred to as the “god particle”. They describe this particle as just one of many other particles that all work together with their different functions equally.”

Plucky young “Arch” is back, also, perhaps to see the kind of reaction a more Reformation or Enlightenment stance would get. It got 3 up votes and 1 down, so far: “Praise God for granting these and other scientists the tools and ability to better understand His mind and the way He works and shapes our Universe.”


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