U.S. Adults Are Dumb, so World Net Daily Commenters Blame Liberals, Not Religious Fanaticism

Posted: October 9, 2013 in education, religion
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In a link to an NY Post article, World Net Daily posts three paragraphs and a link under the headline, “U.S. Adults ‘Dumber than Average Human.’” Sigh. And it has 13 votes so far, average score of 4.00/5.

I’ll give my take on this, first. It’s to be expected. Why? Because you have religious nuts who refuse to understand science. You have Bill O’Reilly claiming that we don’t know why there are tides. You have the Insane Clown Posse band claiming that magnets are a mystery. You have the fanatic home schoolers insisting that public schools dumb down kids. You have pastors that literally teach that schools are run by Satan. Pastors claiming that evolution was created to test faith. Religious nuts that people somehow listen to claiming that modern science in general was created by the devil to test faith. And you have an entire major political party that can’t get someone elected unless they reject the science of evolution and climate change. (And yes, I have sources for all these* – I’m not just making them up. I’ll put them in if you really want me to, but I’m on a rant here.)

That’s why US adults are, on average, dumber than adults in other countries. I would argue that it’s not a correlation ≠ causation case — as in, they ARE causally related — that the most religious states and the most conservative states in the US are always ranked among the dumbest (I found five different lists and while California and Hawai’i are in there on the top 10 dumbest, the remaining 8 are either Bible Belt, Alaska, or Arizona — very conservative and religious, as a whole).

When you have a conservative and/or religious worldview where you refuse to accept anything that questions that worldview, then clearly you are going to remain ignorant. Not just in basic knowledge, but also in the ability to think critically, to understand how to examine and investigate claims, and how to arrive at a conclusion based on the evidence.

Now let’s see what WND readers think. The story’s been up a day now, and it has received 56 comments. The current top comment, having garnered 11 up-votes and 0 down, is by “wi163175” who wrote: “SADLY, I CAN BELIEVE THIS!!! A third, or so, of our adult population call themselves Dumbocrats or liberals; half of us voted for a conniving, usurping marxist progressive that promised them “rope & chains”, which they heard as “hope & change”. Americans surely are pretty dumb, because they keep believing the programmed LIES of both of our so-called “political parties”. Bottom line: most Americans are confused and hopeless, IMO!!”

“SATCitizen” and “debtom” both are tied with 10 up-votes and 0 down votes. They wrote: “Yep, they left the schools dumb as kids and became dumber as adults. Just as the demonrats want them. . . .koolaid drinkin’ moonbats. Even the last two elections were like voting for HS class prez. . .wezs like him ‘cuz hes black.” ~~||~~ “…not really a big surprise! Too busy playing games and watching the boob tube instead of reading and learning anything except how to use the latest and greatest gadget.”

“Al Barrs” is fourth-highest with 8 up-votes and 0 down-votes. It’s a very long, multi-paragraph rant. Here’s the first paragraph:

NO, U.S. adults are not dumber than “average humans”. Those Americans who became adults after being brainwashed in our K-12 schools, colleges and universities since the 1950s have no knowledge of the true history of America unless they have put forth the individual effort to learn the truth of our history. The early 1960s “transformation” of our educational system by liberal-progressive-socialist superintendents, administrators and teachers, and professors have been brainwashing, they call it ‘indoctrinating’, successive generations of American youth to produce adults who accept socialism and ultimately communism. Then these same un-American operatives did the same thing to our ‘press’ or news media. today our religion and very government has been assaulted by these evil anti-republican form of government. Now, these brainwashed adults support the ideology of Marxism because they are ignorant, not dumber. They are plenty smart and intelligent but have had their minds polluted by anti-freedom and independence rhetoric and propaganda all of their short lives. Only the older generations, such as I, know the true history of American, its leaders and people. When we are gone the United States will become a totalitarian communist nation modeled on the old Soviet Union’s communist party system.

Skipping the fifth person who has a reference to Nazis, we have “WiSe GuY” with 11 up-votes and 1 down-vote: “There is proof they are dumb. How do you think 0bama was elected? It sure wasn’t by genius people that bought 0bama’s hogwash..”

Sigh. I think my point has been made.

If you want to read a real news article on the subject, both the New York Times and the Washington Post have stories that report on it and they go into more depth. I’ll end with this paragraph from the New York Times that I think re-emphasizes my point:

In several ways, the American results were among the most polarized between high achievement and low. Compared with other countries with similar average scores, the United States, in all three assessments, usually had more people in the highest proficiency levels, and more in the lowest. The country also had an unusually wide gap in skills between the employed and the unemployed.

*Added a few hours later:

  1. […] U.S. Adults Are Dumb, so World Net Daily Commenters Blame Liberals, Not Religious Fanaticism […]

  2. Graham says:

    Interesting, the rants I heard back in the 1990s were more along the lines of ‘…schools are afraid parents will sue if their kid gets bad grades so they altered the marking to ensure everyone passes with an above average mark…’.

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