American Jews Aren’t Religious Enough, Christians Need to Pick Up the Slack!

Posted: October 10, 2013 in religion
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World Net Daily’s founder and CEO, Joseph Farah, spent his column yesterday lamenting “American Jews in Denial About God.” Here’s his source and his thesis:

If Israel’s continued survival depended on Americans Jews, the one and only Jewish state would not stand a chance.

That’s what the results of a new Pew Research Poll suggest.

While finding a supermajority (82 percent) of white U.S. evangelicals believe God gave Israel to the Jewish people, the survey reveals only 40 percent of American Jews believe that.

So, to summarize his point, American Jews are, on average, more secular when it comes to Divine Right than white (I love how they stuck “white” in there) evangelical Christians.

Farah continues:

The evangelicals are also more realistic about peace efforts between Israel and its neighbors. When asked if there is a way for Israel and an independent Arab Palestinian state to coexist peacefully, 61 percent of American Jews say yes, while one-third say no. Among white evangelical Protestants, 42 percent say Israel and an independent Palestinian state can coexist peacefully, while 50 percent say this is not possible.

It’s sad.

[…] In other words, American Jews are living in a humanistic fantasy world.

I kinda agree with Mr. Farah, but for a different reason. I think it is sad. It’s sad that we live in 2013 where the majority of the world believes in a magic sky overlord who, if you piss Him off, He’s going to come down and spank you (thank you Dogma). Where He created Everything and yet He cares who wins Sunday afternoon football because one team’s fans prayed slightly less hard than the other. And where He apparently promised barely hospitable land to multiple different people who continue to fight over it millennia later. This comic sums it up nicely, especially the bottom-right panel.

God Prefers Atheists

God Prefers Atheists

  1. Flip says:

    I would think there may be differences for fairly obvious reasons: American Jews are more likely to have family or friends in Israel and are therefore more likely to have a realistic view of the situation through the eyes of those they love; and that many American Jews would be immigrants due to conflict and strife in Europe and the Middle East, and likewise would have a more considered viewpoint about sharing peacefully. (Wrote that before reading the comic…)

    I also think that Christians forget that they didnt invent the idea of charity or sharing – ‘mitzvahs’ being a wholly Jewish custom. Pity they can be so hypocritical when it comes down to it.

    I have always wondered why Americans seem to be so much in support of Israel, and this partly explains why.

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