Comets and Non Sequiturs About the Downfall of America

Posted: October 10, 2013 in science
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What is it about science stories and non sequiturs on World Net Daily about the downfall of America? There’s yet another example, posted mid-yesterday, and actually an article by WND executive news editor Joe Kovacs: “‘Comet of the Century’ About to Fizzle?” It was published last night, and is a somewhat reasonable article about the comet that the media is collectively calling “ISON.” It has 548 ratings with a 4.44/5 average.

It also has 139 comments. The top-rated comment, with 103 up-votes and 1 down-vote is by “sovereigntyofone”:

“It has been billed as the “comet of the century,” but the snowy dirtball known as Comet ISON now racing toward Earth may turn out to be just a flash in the pan.”
Maybe they should rename it Obama, nothing but a big disappointment and a big dirty ball of gas.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Second-highest is “Titiana Covington” with 29 up-votes and 0 down-vote: “Hit DC! Hit DC! Hit DC!”

Anomalies? Maybe … the next two, by “Tosheba” and “jpbutterworth” also have 29 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “If it isn’t too bright, just rename it ‘Comet Obama'” ~~||~~ “Too bad it doesn’t hit us and put us out of our misery. You must admit, it would be quick and painless compared to the fate the Obama administration has in store for us with the collapse of the dollar.”

WTF do these have to do with comets? It’s insane.


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