I Agree with WND Commenters, Just Not for What They Intended (Pride Flag OK, Confederate Flag Banned)

Posted: October 15, 2013 in homosexuality, racism
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Let’s cut to the chase for this one. In a link to KIRO-TV, World Net Daily typed three paragraphs under the headline, “‘Gay-Pride’ Flag OK, Confederate Flag Banned.” The story is that two 11th grade students at Tahoma High School protested that some of their classmates could wear pins with a pride flag (that rainbow flag thing) on them by wearing, instead, the Confederate flag (red with two blue lines crossed from opposite corners and white stars on them). The students wearing the Confederate flag were suspended. Right now, the WND article posted yesterday has 3 ratings with a 2.33/5.0 average. It has 79 comments.

The top comment is by “Shawn Atchison” with 12 up-votes and 0 down-votes. And I whole-heartedly agree with Shawn, just probably not for the reason he intended:

The people getting offended just need to get over themselves. They are so self-centered that they don’t care about the rights of others. This is life, you’re going to be offended sometime, get over it, grow up, and move on.

Based on Shawn’s other comments elsewhere (you can click on his name and the other comments pop up), he probably meant that the people being offended by the Confederate flag need to get over themselves. In an equal-opportunity standpoint of Freedom of Expression, I very loosely agree (students should be able to wear what they want provided it does not cause a distraction and disrupt the learning environment, though indications are that it did in this case).

But, I agree more with the text of the statement rather than Shawn’s probable intent: People do not have a right to not be offended. That means you, WND lemmings. If only other commenters paid attention to what they up-voted:

  • “RMorrow” – “Homosexuality is perversion and Satan owns all perversion.”
  • “whitemanfromtown” – “Stupid lib***’s, “Oh it hurt my feelings”. Go to Hell. I am so flaming sick and tired of these pansy worthless sniveling ***.”

As a side-note, “kingdad” wrote the second-highest-rated comment and it’s particularly dripping with hypocrisy: “Once again the Intolerant Liberals show off their abject Hypocrisy as they deny the Diversity of differing view points they claim to want. Seems Tolerance is Only for the Leftist, Commie agenda and Not a real Tolerance for others or their Points of View! Time to squash that Leftist Crapola once and for all!”


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