Supreme Court Justice Scalia Believes in Voldemort … err, Satan, and World Net Daily Approves

Posted: October 16, 2013 in religion
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WND's "Evil Eyes" for Satan

WND’s “Evil Eyes” for Satan

Okay, seriously, the image accompanying the article by Scott Greer looks more like Voldemort of one of David Icke’s reptilians than the classic rendition of Satan. Oh, and the article is “Supreme Court Justice Unloads on Satan, Demons.” It’s reporting on what I’ve read elsewhere (though more mockingly than on WND) of an interview that Antonin Scalia gave to New York Magazine‘s Jennifer Senior where he professed his belief in a literal Satan and literal demons. Perhaps not surprising given that he’s the most conservative of the nine Justices and the most Christian and the most outspoken.

I’m not going to report on the interview, that’s been done in numerous places elsewhere and is, frankly, quite scary that a man with such judicial power believes in the boogyman and associated fairy angel tales. Rather, the purpose of this blog is, as usual, to comment on – or to at least point out – the take that World Net Daily and/or its commenters have on the issue. And, while the article doesn’t go much into it or lend itself to commentary, the commenters do, and they have made 488 comments in the last day and rated the article 4.74/5 with 896 weighing into the vote.

Top-rated is by “CJM2” with 42 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “At least Justice Scalia understands Christ’s teachings–too bad the reporter doesn’t.” My comment on this is that one can understand the teachings in the Bible without believing their divine providence. For example, I understand the holiday of Hanukkah and why it’s celebrated, but that doesn’t mean that I believe some God decided to reveal itself in the minor way of making oil last for 8 days instead of 1.

“KJ41520” has the second-highest-rated comment with 38 up and 0 down votes:

It truly bothers me that so many who profess to be ‘Christians’ are all too eager to discount the existence of Satan and the existence of demons and hell. If you believe in the Bible, then how can you not believe in the existence of Satan, demons and hell, as all are mentioned as existing in the Bible itself?

When people ask the question ‘How could a good and loving God allow something to happen?’ they are forgetting that Satan, true evil, is real and does exist in our world. Much as Satan has become a caricature in our world, part goat, part human, so too has it become easier for people to discount his existence as mere myth, like the Greek god Pan, as the current caricature of Satan seems to be largely based on his appearance. Anyone reading the Bible should know that Satan is actually beautiful in appearance, and far from being a dark figure, is actually one of light. One of the names given him, Lucifer, actually means light bearing, or the morning star. The ugly, dark visage painted on him just makes it easier for him to fool people as to who and what he is.

It pleases me that a man like Justice Scalia is willing to not only profess his belief in God, but his belief in Satan as well. If more people would do the same, perhaps Satan’s work in this would would not be as effective and far reaching as it has become.

This is something about Christian mythology that I never fully understood — perhaps someone can clarify for me? If the god is all-powerful (ALL-powerful) and “good,” then how can a not-all-powerful thing win out? I was just playing Civilization V and I was using a mod that let me cheat, let me be all-powerful. When another civilization decided to declare war on me, my ALL-powerful cheat came out and I landed 50 Giant Death Robots on their cities and the war was quickly over. Or, I could also have simply gone in and changed their opinion to like me. So again, how does an “all”-powerful “good” being lose out against a not-all-powerful evil being?

Of course, we also have several commenters making the obligatory Bible quotes and stating that the devil’s minions inhabit the White House. Sigh.


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