Milking More Blood from JewFests-Eclipse Happenstances

Posted: October 19, 2013 in religion, science
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How long is this going to go on? Probably for at least two more years, unfortunately. Just like this “impeach Obama,” EMP threats via Maloof, and black-on-white violence that WND keeps screaming about. I’ve already talked about this twice (it’ll show up as three times because of this post), that of the idea that “blood moons” in 2014 and 2015 (total lunar eclipses) will coincide with some Jewish holidays so clearly Jesus is coming back. Or something.

WND has TWO articles in the last three days on this issue. First we have a link to FOX “news” article entitled, “Do ‘Blood Moons’ Signal ‘Day of the Lord’?” The other is an unattributed “WND EXCLUSIVE” under the headline, “Blood Moons Expert: Watch 2015 and 2015.”

Sigh. Again, this is an expected happening given the way eclipses (science!) works and the way the Jewish religious (is that redundant — “Jewish religious”?) calendar is setup. The claimed events of this happening in the past coinciding with important events is very much special pleading, considering that they were years off from the actual events, or simply cherry picking because important stuff happens ALL THE TIME. And, even if they did correspond with important events for Jews, what does this have to do with Jesus coming? And I just saw Margaret Cho live last night so I have some very bad images in my head every time I write about Jesus coming. Sigh.

I think that part of the reason WND is pimping out this story is that their guy John Hagee has a new book out on it. Fortunately (depending on your point of view), WND commenters are pointing out that Hagee got it from Mark Biltz and you can get Biltz’s stuff for free. Small favors.


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