The United States Ranking Near the Bottom of Developed Nations Brings Out Conservative Ideals in WND Commenters

Posted: October 21, 2013 in education, science
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Yesterday, WND put up a CNS News story (three paragraphs and a link, anyway), headlined, “Math Skills: U.S. 21st Out of 23 Economies.” A-yup. This is kinda similar to my post last week, “U.S. Adults Are Dumb, so World Net Daily Commenters Blame Liberals, Not Religious Fanaticism.” Except in this case, WND commenters blame liberal policies.

For example:

  • Top-rated “deeme” with 4 up- and 0 down-votes wrote: “17 trillion in debt, we obviously don’t get math…”
  • Next up “wearyconservative1946” with 3 up- and 0 down-votes: “But our kids know everything about sex by third grade. Is it just me, or does this seem like a pretty stupid tradeoff?”
  • Tied is “crustyoldtvtech” with: “And this with per-student expenditures in government schools at an all-time high…so, one might ask, what ARE they teaching in government schools? And, second question, where is my tax money going? It is most certainly NOT going to math education.”
  • Also tied is “We_s”: “I am sure that this news has obama and his bots saying “woohoo!!!, we are number one (after twenty)”
  • Or “Truth Matters” with 2 up-votes: “The NEA can be proud for creating sub standard students. Soon America will be dead last in all subjects producing the dumbest nation on earth. A stunning achievement from the “teachers” union that is in control of educating your children.”
  • And “wickerwhite” with 1 up-vote: “If you think it is bad now, wait until Common Core is fully implemented across the nation as it is scheduled for next year for those states who have taken the bribe of Race to the Top wherein to get stimulus money for RTTT, they had to agree to adopt Common Core standards. Under Common Core, there will be the implementation of a new Third Reich, orchestrated by Obama and Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education.” (He goes on, but you get the idea.)

So, liberals are to blame. Because it’s liberals who say that if you don’t agree with the science (climate change), you can just legislate it out of existence (Congress, South Carolina). It’s liberals who mostly home-school so there are few standards to adhere to. It’s liberals who thump the Bible as the source of knowledge and science and reason. Yeah …

That’s not to say – to be fair – that there aren’t some liberals who also will ignore science that disagrees with them. However, it has long been the case that it’s the conservatives, especially Republicans in the past decade or so, that is the anti-science party. Granted, this is math. But, math and science are pretty closely related.


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