When Anti-Gays Are Arrested and Cause Damage, It’s the Gays’ Fault

Posted: October 21, 2013 in homosexuality
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This is one of those articles that just makes me pissed at the human race: “60 Injured at ‘Gay’-Pride March.” Basically, a gay pride parade happened in Podgorica (in Montenegro) and 1500 anti-gay rioters tried to cause (and succeeded in causing) trouble, when they clashed with hundreds of police who were protecting the marchers. Only 60 were arrested, and the marchers had to be evacuated in police cars to a safe place. So much for a civilized society.

The WND article right now has 3 ratings (published a day ago) with an average score of 3.67/5. It has 56 very anti-gay comments:

  • “timbo” has 14 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “anti-gay extremists”? C’mon, they were only trying to flush the crap. That is what you do when the toilet is full and stinks, isn’t it?”
  • “kingdad” has 19 up-votes and 2 down-votes: “Sad and Pathetic actions by the Police of a so-called Conservative nation. Gays, etc. bring nothing but STDs, AIDS/HIV and Trouble. Just look around the world and see the increased Healthcare costs of members of these groups.”
  • “Snod” has 8 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “Keep trying to force deviant behavior down people’s throats and more violence will occur.”
  • “PridebeforetheFall” has 10 up-votes and 1 down-vote: “I pray for those living under the lie “born this way.” It is an insidious lie that was created to remove personal responsibility from choosing to live a life of sin, worse yet it leaves individuals believing one day they will stand before God and blame Him for their being gay. Homosexuality is a choice, if it were not there would be no use of the term “ex-gay” for those who have seen the light.”

“Sebastian” tried to respond to “Snod”‘s comment and got 5 down-votes for his trouble: “Because violence is the “Christian” response right? Do as Jesus would, love thy neighbor and all that…. riiiiiiiiight…. looks like the people on this board will be the ones answering to God on judgment day.”

Why am I writing about this and copying these kinds of ignorant and bigoted Christian Love™ responses? Because this is the main reason that I created this blog: To point out what these people say (so you don’t have to comb through them for yourself) because, while these people are fringe, they have sway in politics and elections and some (clearly, per this article’s reporting) are prone to violence. Knowledge is power, and knowing that these people exist is important.

  1. So that is why you are writing about this.

    I agree with Sebastian, and you, about that march, and yet I find that reading the remarks of the opposition depresses me, and makes me less active. Reading encouraging things- more US states recognising gay marriage, for example, lovely pictures of the weddings, increased anti-discrimination protection, courageous actions of straight allies- cheers me up, motivates and empowers me.

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