Gotta Protect Yer Home-Schoolin’ Edjumication from thuh Gommamint!

Posted: October 22, 2013 in education
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Was that headline over the top? Maybe a bit. WND linked to a WRAL article and titled it, “Parents Urged to Reject Homeschool Visits.” Not that hard to figure out the point of the article, but I’ll copy the first three paragraphs anyway, just as WND did:

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest says the parents of students who are home-schooled should send government bureaucrats packing if they ask to visit.

Forest made the comments in a news release sent to reporters late Monday. He was reacting to a decision by the state’s Division of Non-Public Education to select five home-schools at random for site visits this year. That announcement garnered attention from advocates in the home school community.

Some of those same advocates said Monday they had been told the school visits would not take place. They quoted an email from David Mills, director of the division, as saying, “It has come to my attention that the effort to make a small sampling of homeschool visits is not well understood by homeschoolers. Today, as of October 14, 2013, I do not plan to do any more after the initial five I have already contacted.”

Let’s look at this logically: People are home-schooling, meaning that they are teaching their children whatever subject to very few regulations and very few checks on what is being taught. Random sampling of just a few of those homes that are schooling their own children would check to see if even the minimum requirements are being met.

Let’s look at this through the eyes of a super-conservative: Government in my house looking into what I do and what I teach my children!? Don’t make me get my gun! I can teach my kids all Truth comes from the Bible if I want to!

Ahem. I may have overdone that a bit. Sorry. But, while the story was posted 13 hours ago, it has 9 comments that echo this sentiment. For example, we have “Teaparty01” with 7 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “DO NOT LET THESE AGENTS OF EVIL INTO YOUR HOMES. TELL THEM TO GET LOST”

There’s also “GTHSBB Momma” who wrote this: “It is a tactic of tyrannical statists to suggest that one’s refusal to submit to unwarranted inspections, searches, and examinations is an implication of guilt. Stop worrying about what others think of you; worry about what others want to DO TO YOU. If anyone feels provoked by a request being rebuffed, that is their problem, not yours. If they try to make it your problem, contact HSLDA.” She also wrote this: “Never give the government one inch more than what they are legally entitled to have. This applies to homeschooling, and all circumstances in life. As it is, the government is far too intrusive in our lives. We are to obey the laws as we must, until such time as we reclaim our nation and reinstitute Constitutional restraints on its various tiers of government.”

Granted, some were more sane. “ComDog66” wrote, “This is a very touchy situation. As Homeschoolers, we DO NOT want to seem evasive, rude or provoking. On the other hand, I would NOT let these people in our home. Let them go investigate Caesar’s children!”

And we also have the “reason” that conservatives home-school, from “Tim,” who has 16 up-votes and 0 down-votes (current highest-rated): “The Left HATE home-schooling because they can’t brainwash and indoctrinate those children on a daily basis.”


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