More Persecution of the Christian Minority, Part 2

Posted: October 22, 2013 in religion
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Yup. Remember, that Christian Minority sure has it hard. Many town, city, state, and even federal legislatures start sessions with prayers, mostly Christian, but a teensy bit of others so it’s all legal. It’s in the pledge of allegiance. It’s also on money. Stamps. Federal buildings. The national Motto has an ode to the Christian god. Every president in American history has been some denomination of Christianity.

But in case you’ve forgotten just how much the Christian minority are persecuted, Bob Unruh is reminding you in an article published yesterday, “Gov’t in Massive Crush of Religious Freedom.”

Bob lists numerous examples, pretty much from the Liberty Institute, a very religious and very conservative law firm. Let’s copy and paste a few examples from the WND article.

  • A pastor in New York won the right to hold a Bible study in community center that had banned “religious” events.
  • A church in Dallas was ejected from an empty high school where it had been holding Sunday services, even they the church had a valid lease.
  • The city of Plano, Texas, tried to prevent WillowCreek Fellowship Church from opening because of the angle of the roof of its church building.
  • An Ohio library ordered a Christian group not to meet there to talk about traditional marriage, unless advocates for homosexuality also were present.
  • An African-American church in Texas was billed for property taxes after its building burned down. The assessor’s argument was that members no longer could meet on the property, so it no longer was tax-exempt.
  • The NFL threatened churches showing the Super Bowl on their big screen televisions.
  • A church in Brookville, Pa., was fined for opening its parsonage to three homeless men to live there.
  • A minister’s invitation to the National Prayer Luncheon was revoked because he was critical of open homosexuality in the military.
  • The city of Cheyenne, Wy., denied permission for a non-profit organization to run a daycare center.
  • An Alabama student was ordered not to wear a cross necklace, and a valedictorian in Iowa was ordered to give a secular speech.

Obviously without more details, I can’t really say anything about these cases specifically. However, to me, they all sound like examples of ordinances, regulations, and laws that apply to everyone, occasionally don’t make sense, and when they don’t make sense and they apply to a church, suddenly it’s persecution of Christians.

Of course, thinking critically is not a mainstay of World Net Daily readers. The story has 456 ratings with an average score of 4.80/5. It has 471 comments. And of course, they agree with Bob.

For example, “vwjack” has 37 up-votes and 0 down-votes and wrote: “There is no war against religion in America. There is a war against Christians and Christianity in America.”

The rest of the comments are similar.


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