Halloween Is Next Week, So It’s Time for Christian Hysteria

Posted: October 26, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, religion
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Or something like that. Such as this, um, “article” with an unattributed author from World Net Daily: “When Satan, Devils and Demons are ‘Entertainment.’

For this piece, WND quotes Karl Payne, “an expert on demonology and the author of “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance.”” To quote:

“This culture is like demonism on steroids. The last time I turned on the TV, one channel was heavily promoting a gory show on zombies and then on another, a show on witches that flirted with the occult was being heavily promoted. The proliferation of media like this desensitizes the public’s awareness of the evil in the world around us and opens up individuals to demonic influence,” Payne stated.

Let’s pause and take this in for a moment. This person, one of many, seriously believes there are literal demons. Not only do those demons exist, but they can “influence” you. He says as much: “There’s the notion that this stuff isn’t real, it’s all ‘fun and games,’ and we shouldn’t worry about it. But the fact is that a part of this stuff is real, and it hurts real people in real life.” Again, let’s pause and take that in. These are people who have a loud voice. These are people who influence people in political office. Heck– these are people who ARE in political office.

Does that frighten any of you as much as it does me?

And, just to continue this a bit, the post on WND has garnered 64 ratings with an average of 4.06/5. It has 182 comments. And, they are predictable. From “djmdgo”‘s “Satan is real …” to “BibleMan11223344″‘s, “The high ratings of these demonic programs goes to show how far from the Lord we as a culture have strayed.”

This was so “out there” that Right Wing Watch even did a piece on it, though they provided less commentary than I.

  1. Flip says:

    Now if only they would turn their attention to banning the daily news, they might actually desensitise people… oh wait, evil is only ‘zombies’ and ‘witches’ and you know, stuff that appears in fiction.

  2. gottaLuvthMedia says:

    The Greatest “trick” Satan has ever achieved .. making the WORLD, think He does not Exist

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