Can Someone Be Too Extreme for World Net Daily?

Posted: October 27, 2013 in immigration
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Apparently so. In this blog, I have now written 149 posts (including this one) in the few short months since mid-July. I’ve covered a lot of crazy things. A lot of offensive things. Stuff like “stand your ground” laws are only protested by non-white people. Or colleges not teaching dogma makes WND readers scared. Or anything from Pamela Geller, like Obama follows Sharia and the Senate was going to vote to fund al Qaeda.

Lots o’ crazy going on. But, apparently, some are too crazy for WND. Yes, apparently that’s right. According to Right Wing Watch, Peter Brimelow’s latest column was too extreme for World Net Daily. In the column, Brimelow was arguing that Democrats’ “support” for immigration reform was actually support for an invasion and colonization of the United States by non-white immigrants. And this is treason. Why? Because it reduces the overall percentage of whites.

Now, I happen to be very, very white. Sunlight doesn’t burn me, it just goes through — I’m so white I’m practically translucent. So, it’s hard for me to picture myself and understand how non-whites (in another era, I’m sure Brimelow would refer to them as “coloreds”) would react to hearing that. But, I can at least imagine that they would find it offensive if they decided to even let Brimelow’s bigotry affect them emotionally. But, with that in mind, how is that different from WND publishing a column by Linda Harvey saying that homosexuals are pedophiles and homosexuality is a path to self-destruction?

In the same vein, Right Wing Watch has examples of other WND columnists who wrote similar things about immigration. And, obviously, they made it on WND. So … who knows? But, this does shed a tiny bit of interesting light on WND in that apparently, at least as far as some WND editors are concerned, some people are too extreme even for them.

  1. Jeff L. says:

    You know, Joseph Farah is an intelligent man. So how is it he can stand behind a web site where most of its readership is clearly on he wacko fringe? I see several possibilities:

    1) He’s self-righteous. One of those people who gravitates toward one extreme or another. He was a far lefty, now he’s a far righty.

    2) He’s a religious fanatic. Goes along with above, but based on his own perceived infallibility of biblical dogma. Which means, of course, whichever interpretation he happens to fancy.

    3) He’s cynical. He’s making a lot of money addressing an audience that is lost and alone and feeling helpless and wronged. Not far different from most televangelists. His own true leanings are further toward the middle.

    4) He’s running a honeypot. This would be interesting: his site is actually a front for government intelligence gathering on violent right wing radicals. Yea, this is one of those conspiracy theories, but he does offer a perfect forum to draw in the truly disturbed:
    a) he deletes posts and bans individuals that present contrary arguments to right wing propaganda. This reinforces the echo chamber effect, emboldening those with radical ideas
    b) I’m sure he also deletes the overtly racist, treasonous, revolutionary, and outright insane postings of many, many readers. But maybe not before forwarding them on to intelligence agencies.

    Regarding #4: He does have columnists like Pam Geller, Larry Klayman, and Colin Flaherty whose writings often cross the line from being hard-line conservative discourse to outright bigotry, revolutionary advocacy, or race-baiting, respectively. Or, to group them broadly: proselytizers of intolerance. But these and other WND columnists fall just short of inciting violence. They walk up to the line, and stop. Maybe to avoid charges of ‘entrapment’?

    Anyway, fun idea to consider.

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