Barbara Simpson Complains that Rules For Everyone Shouldn’t Apply to Christians

Posted: November 7, 2013 in military, politics, religion
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More fall-out from the government shutdown. Barbara Simpson spent her column two weeks ago “expos[ing the] administration’s war on traditional religion” through a column entitled, “Obama’s ‘In Your Face’ to Catholics.”

What she is complaining about can be summarized by the first few paragraphs: “[W]hen the administration ordered that military chaplains not celebrate Mass or perform any of their usual religious duties during the government shutdown – or face arrest! Can you imagine, arresting a priest for performing a baptism or officiating at a wedding or celebrating Sunday Mass? Yes, imagine it. That was the order, and it was enforced with the support of the man who is president.”

Of course, the worst part of all was, “They were told they couldn’t even volunteer their services to the faithful.” Gosh darn it!

What she fails to mention is that it was against the law for anyone who was an employee of the federal government to work during the shutdown (unless they were deemed “critical,” which military chaplains are not). And, military chaplains are funded by the federal government (don’t get me started on that …). People could not volunteer their time. They couldn’t work if they wanted to. They couldn’t even answer email from their work address.

So, yet another example of how the rules (the law) that was passed by a majority (otherwise it can’t be passed) is great until it negatively affects your Christian faith, and then you should get a special exemption. Doesn’t work that way, I’m not sorry to say.

I suppose the only high point of this column is that it’s gotten only 2 ratings (5/5) and only 2 comments. So, it was not widely read and people did not agree with it enough to feel motivated to write anything.


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