No Good Choice for a WND-Style Conservative in This Story

Posted: November 7, 2013 in politics
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I found this story interesting only because I wondered which way über-conservatives from World Net Daily would react; apparently, they didn’t either because very few people commented or even rated the story. It’s a story from Foreign Policy that WND headlined, “21 Nations Line Up Behind U.N. Effort to Restrain NSA.”

Why did I think this would be a hard choice? Well, during G.W. Bush, of course spying was good because it helped get those dirty muzzies. But under President Obama, spying is horrible because Obama is trying to take our gunz and force his muslim terrorist beliefs up our butts and pack it in with gay polls. On the other hand, the UN represents globalism, which also is super-duper bad because it erodes our rights and ‘Mer’ca’s sovereignty.

The story, posted about a week.5 ago, has only garnered 4 ratings (3.75/5 stars) and 14 comments. From what I can tell, the majority of the comments seem to bypass this cognitive dissonance; where it’s addressed, it’s more of a tu quoque argument of, “Oh yeah, well, other people spy on their people, the UN should go after them!” For example, the highest-rated comment, with 6 up-votes, is by “tigertooth”: “Almost every nation uses data transmitted/received information. But our ‘government’ uses this data on the taxpayers, honest people who work. And we support the ‘government’ leaders (traitors) with pay and benefits. Why don’t they gather information from the hotbeds of hate? Muslim temples of jihad?”

Another example is by “Manuel Manjarrez,” who wrote: “if they call out the usa call out Isreal France China and Russia who do the same thing hypocrytes though at least they spy on everyone and not just american conservative constitutionalists but instead of going after foreign spies and muzzie terrorists they go after americans with different beliefs from the white house who knows it might change but the next president if he or she is conservative should have a massive purge in the bureaucracy because of sympathiezers of leftism but I doubt it if it is a bush or christie who wins”


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