Obamacare Leads to Suicide

Posted: November 7, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, medicine
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Yeah … I first found this when Right Wing Watch beat me to the story. They summarize it as, “Apparently, Americans will be so depressed about Obamacare that they will take their own lives … or so claims WorldNetDaily columnist Gina Loudon. Loudon predicts that Obamacare will target women, gun owners, veterans and gay people, who will begin to fear that they will lose their reputations, jobs or lives under the Affordable Care Act as bureaucrats begin to leak information about pelvic exams, spousal abuse and porn addiction.” WND headlined the story by Gina as, “The Morbid Psychology of Obamacare.”

As a side-note, I’m surprised that a WND columnist would care about a gay person committing suicide, or why she even chose to point out that he was gay when her other three “for instances” did not specify the person’s orientation. Anyway …

Dr. Loudon’s argument can sorta be summarized by the RWW text or perhaps by this, from her column: “The psychological impact of Obamacare goes way beyond the practical privacy implications. As a behavioral expert, I have already heard from people that there is just certain information they don’t feel like they can discuss with a counselor any longer.”

The column was well-read and -liked, garnering 60 ratings, averaging 4.58/5, and it had 20 comments. The top-rated was a fairly big non sequitur by “Moozmom” that got 11 up-votes: “Not sure I believe that the mental health industry can help people any better than a strong belief in God and “thy will be done” attitude. God is mental therapy and He is the best mental therapy.”

A lot of the comments tend to talk more about invasion of privacy. They fail to mention examples of invasion of privacy that they supported, however, back during Bush’s rein.


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