First Hate Mail!

Posted: November 8, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, mail bag

Well, my first hate comment. A person billing themselves as “Jimmy Shalom Hussein Smith” with a “” e-mail address, attempted to post the following comment to the About page on November 5. Clearly a fake name, probably a fake e-mail. Possibly a bot, but the rant is fairly specific in terms of the ranter’s politics and conspiracies. So that I don’t get called out for censorship, I’ve decided to post the comment in its entirety here, so others may see it and respond, if they wish.

I will warn you, this comment is not “Rated G,” and some will likely find it quite offensive. It has not been edited.

Hey is this site run by filthy disgusting TREASONOUS Billionaire Evil Jews;

Baby brain sucking & spine snipping leftist Marxist feminists filth;

Just plain disgusting slutts (male and female -you do not need no daddy baby trash);


LA RAZA invader Mexican leftists (booted out by the thieving
STATIST LEFTIST MEXICAN scum so they can bankrupt good Americans
and enhance the ability of the Dims to steal Trillions more);

Filthy hate filled BLACK VERMIN (created by the Dim Party Led by
scum like dirty LBJ and his Dirty Jews) I gots to make a family this
weekend – where the dirty sluttts its banging time – then I will commit a love
crime of murder and blame whitey);

Disgusting Millennials (on their phones & Ipads for hours each day
learning absolutely nothing but to be self consumed and irrational,
and the first generation that needs psycho tropic drugs to get through
their leftist happy day clouds of mediocrity);

ISLAMIC FASCISTS (the most brutal murderers, terrrorists and slavers in the history
of the world) With all due respect to the Jewish Slavers and Marxist Murderers;

INTERNATIONALIST greedy trash (most in Silicon Value, Cambridge and in Manhattan
are foreign born and certainly not republican) THEY HATE PAYING FEDERAL


Did I leave any of you scumbags out if so let me know?
You are the worst of AMERIKANS ASSSSSHOLES

  1. Well now. Many of those things are mutually exclusive. How does that work? I need to see a flow chart or something.

  2. Kyle Watson says:

    I especially liked the comment on millennials. As a millennial myself, I spend far more time in my day on my iPhone learning, reading, and working than I do on social media. I also have no problem paying federal taxes. I did want to hear more though about why he hated “FAGGOTZ.” He seemed to see it as a given.

  3. Flip says:

    Irony meter blown on sixth paragraph. The worst thing for me: I’m so used to seeing these rhetoric-filled rants now that they’re not at all shocking. … Hope this is your first and last hate mail though.

  4. Roz says:

    I’m not sure if this is a Poe, or a terrible Madlibs…

    Either way, someone needs to take away the crayons from the sender.

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