Marriage Equality in Illinois Invokes Lincoln, Liberty (Crying or Cheering, Depending on Which Side You Support)

Posted: November 8, 2013 in homosexuality, politics, religion
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On Tuesday (Nov. 5, 2013), Illinois became the 15th state in the Union to allow marriage equality. It was opposed – as all such efforts are – primarily by the super-conservative Christian groups. Right Wing Watch has a nice little rant written by Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute in response to the legislation’s passage (it won’t be signed into law until November 20, for some reason). Fun times. Here’s a little sampling:

Tuesday, cowardly and/or ignorant Illinois lawmakers in defiance of truth, history, logic, compassion, and in some cases, their own religious traditions voted to legally recognize non-marital unions as marriages. In so doing, they have expanded the role of government in the lives of Americans, diminished religious liberty, rendered inevitable the legalization of plural unions, and harmed children in incalculable ways. They have given their stamp of approval on the practice of denying children’s inherent right to have both a mother and father. And they have assured that public schools will teach about sexual perversion in positive ways to children from kindergarten on up.

Meanwhile, WND hasn’t deigned to publish a story of their own on the topic (that I could find, anyway), but they instead put up a story linked to Real Clear Politics they headlined, “The End of Religious Liberty in the Land of Lincoln.” I might as well just quote the first four paragraphs as they did:

The Illinois House of Representatives yesterday completed a mission started by its Senate counterparts in February by redefining what is outside of its authority: a nature-ordered union of one man and one woman, the institution of marriage.

Come June 1, marriage in Illinois will be defined as “between two persons.”

During floor debate, lawmakers threw out words such as “equality” and “fairness.” But one important term was glossed over — religious freedom.

It’s in the title of the bill, lawmakers said, the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.” They further noted that no church or clergy will be forced to solemnize any same-sex marriage or rent their parish or fellowship halls for any type of same-sex wedding recognition.

I think the point here is typical of what happens when this stuff actually passes: Religious people claim the law says that religious institutes won’t have to perform same-sex weddings, but they don’t actually mean it, and this means that they’re going to be forced to see all the ewwy icky homos having the same rights and responsibilities of marriage that they do. Heaven forbid!


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