World Net Daily Attempts to Understand Why Tea Partier Ken Cuccinelli Lost the Virginia Governor Election

Posted: November 8, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, politics, Republicans / GOP
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For anyone who does not follow United States politics, or chose not to over the last election, there were really two main races to watch: New Jersey and Virginia, both for how the election of the governor would play out. The widely followed races were played up and quite important because it was a further examination of the Republican schism — would the more moderate Republicans get elected, or would the more conservative? In New Jersey, the more moderate Chris Christie easily won re-election. In Virginia, the much, MUCH more conservative Ken Cuccinelli lost.

There are numerous real news sources that have analyzed what happened and discuss how this bodes for the general election in 2016. For those interested in reading more about that, I picked up Washington Post‘s “Virginia, New Jersey Results Highlight Republican Party’s Divisions, Problems” and, of course, Right Wing Watch’s “Religious Right Faces String of Election and Gay Rights Defeats, Blown Narrative.”

To put it succinctly, über-social conservatives like Cuccinelli (who oppose abortion, support discrimination based on sexual orientation, oppose science (such as climate change), just for example) cannot get a majority of the vote. Cuccinelli was also the first state Attorney General to file a lawsuit to stop the Affordable Care Act, having a large press entourage as he filed the paperwork five minutes after the bill was signed into law by President Obama. He lost even against a seriously flawed opponent such as Democrat Terry McAuliffe (admittedly flawed by pretty much everyone). It kinda makes “duh” sense: You have to be able to appeal to the majority of voters. If you piss them off, they’re not going to vote for you. On the other hand, Christie, while clearly a conservative and who does a lot that I don’t like, was fairly popular and far to the left of the Tea Party.

On the other hand, this blog is about World Net Daily. They are trying to spin what happened in their own quirky way. On election night, they posted the story, “Democrat McAuliffe Wins Virginia, Barely.” They also posted a link to a Politico story, “Why McAuliffe Barely Beat Cuccinelli.” They are trying to put emphasis not on the horrible policies and beliefs of Cuccinelli, but rather they put emphasis on polls before the election that showed McAuliffe winning by a larger percentage than he actually did. And, of course, that as a consequence their message (the ultra-social-conservative) is spot-on for the 2016 general election.

The former article only garnered 16 votes for an average 4.31/5 in the past few days. It has around 174 comments. The comments are by a large majority blaming the Republican party itself, blaming them for “abandoning” Cuccinelli and even going so far as to claim they are Democrats. For example, “UnapologeticConservative” with 29 up-votes and 2 down-votes wrote: “We still lost, no matter how small the margin. It proves two things: 1) the libertarians are nothing but poisoners and enemies for conservatives, and 2) The Republican National Committee, which gave Ken Cuccinelli no support whatsoever, is effectively an arm of the Democratic Party … both have the goal of seeing that conservatives lose.”

Others are complaining about fraud, saying it was rigged, or just that McAuliffe is a fraud. Some are blaming Libertarians because the Libertarian candidate took around 10% of the vote. A few others say that Virginia is just made of stupid people, such as “woddyl1011fl”: “Va. really has really stupid voters of course demoncrats really ignorant low information/no information people. They deserve exactly what they voted for corruption, deceit, lies.”

Perhaps my favorite comment is quote-mining “whitemanfromtown,” who wrote a first sentence about Virginia turning into a commie cesspool, but his third sentence is something I agree with, just as applied to something else: ” no matter how bad it gets there’s no fixing stupid.”

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