Student Body President Is an Atheist … at a Christian College

Posted: November 19, 2013 in religion
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“‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said, / ‘To talk of many things:'” / of getting back to WND / and lots of crazy flings. Seems to be the thing these days for me to have an off-again-on-again posting schedule, busy for a few weeks, then write a bunch of posts and schedule them to go live every 6±[random minutes] hours. For the first of this latest group …

… we have the curious case of Eric Fromm, a senior at Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon, who was elected president of the student body. And, he’s an atheist. WND posted the story on Nov. 11, after I had read about it on several atheist-leaning blogs. For example, the Friendly Atheist had the story up on November 6.

WND’s post on the subject is one of their small stories linked to some other source, in this case, ABC News. I found that interesting and the fact that they waited nearly a week after the event to post about it. If I had to guess without any evidence to back it up, I would guess it’s because they don’t really want to admit that it happened and they especially don’t want to admit that almost all response – including from other students and from the administration – has been positive. Even the one person who rated the WND story gave it 5/5 stars.

The 49 commenters, however, were not quite so generous. It should be noted that the college allows people of all faiths and non-faiths to attend. That fact appears to have been lost on the top-rated comment by “Pi10107” with 6 up-votes. They wrote: “I’m glad they are not showing hatred towards him. However, if he wants to look like a decent person, he will resign. This is a Christian college and he deceived people. Plus, he cannot represent a Christian college with his beliefs or non-belief.”

The obligatory Christian Love™ comment comes from “SeezDCDevilz” with 11 up-votes and 4 down-votes: “Guess who is going to wipe that *** eating grin off of this self-involved, purposefully low information punk kid’s face when he dies? Every knee shall bow.”

Other commenters of course are lamenting the lack of “purity” of Christian schools, such as “GTHSBB Momma” who wrote: “This is why schools that are supposedly Christian need serious scrutiny from parents who are concerned about the worldview of those who are educating their children. Schools that wish to maintain a mission of educating young people with a Christian worldview need to require a statement of faith from their staff and from student leaders, and to explain to the students the expectation of adherence to that worldview. Time to start offending the unbelieving world. If a supposedly Christian school is a comfortable home for an atheist, then clearly their salt has lost all its savor.”

To their credit, however, a minority of commenters even on WND are even shrugging this off as not a big deal.


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