A Non Sequitur Means We Hate Climate Scientists Even More!

Posted: November 20, 2013 in climate change, science
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In 2006, some researchers were dredging the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean near Iceland. They pulled up a lot of creatures, put ’em in a freezer for later analysis, and did their work. These researchers happened to be climate scientists looking for data on past climate, which can be done by studying ocean sediments and the way that growth rings are created in mollusks like clams. To estimate the age of a mollusk, you count the number of rings since a new one is laid down every year (every growing season) just like tree rings. When the scientists did this a few years ago, they estimated an age of around 400 years, but several of the rings were highly compressed and difficult to distinguish. The latest research puts it at 507 years, making it the world’s oldest known living animal. Until they killed it by opening it to estimate its age (and probably also killing it by putting it in the freezer).

Sad? Sure. The oldest [anything] is kinda neat. And it probably would have went on living for many years to come. Its existence also means there are probably others like it that are just as old, give or take a few decades. When I read this story on a normal news site, the story was the revised age by over 100 years.

When you read this on WND, it’s that these scientists were climate scientists and they killed something: “Climate Scientists Kill World’s Oldest Creature.” In other words, this article is brought to you by a few logical fallacies such as the non sequitur (doesn’t follow, as in two unrelated things) and poisoning the well (naming dirty icky climate scientists so we like them less).

It’s gotten 4 ratings for a 3.25/5 average, and it has garnered only 5 comments. Let’s just list three of them:

  • “Pi10107” wrote: “It has never been about the climate or environment. It is about power and control of people. These people are frauds.”
  • “dan690” wrote: “That sounds like an Obama scientist. Let’s kill this thing to see how old it is.”
  • “Joannepatriot” wrote: “Politicized scientists: groping around in the dark.”

Fascinating. Note that no where did it say whether these particular climate scientists think climate change is real. No where do they talk about “grabbing power.” And determining the age of something after it is dead is a standard practice and technique that has nothing to do with politics.

Ah … World Net Daily.


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