I Warn You to Avoid Certain United States Cities, WND-ville and Teabagistan Among Them

Posted: November 20, 2013 in politics, racism
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The Washington Post published an article last week about other countries – France, in particular – warning their citizens to be careful when traveling to a few specific US cities. Mostly seemed to make sense, though I found a few somewhat odd. And, it’s nothing that we don’t do to other countries, the US State Department keeping a list of places that Americans should either avoid or be cautious about when traveling to. WND copied the first three paragraphs of the article: “Countries Warn Citizens to Avoid 16 U.S. Cities.”

The story has garnered 13 ratings, averaging 4.54/5. As of this writing, it has 70 comments. The racism and fierce politicization of the comments has impressed even me, and by “even me” I mean “even me, a guy who’s read hundreds of WND posts and comments in the last year.”

For example, the highest-rated comment by far is from “yankeepoacher” with 30 up and 0 down votes: “Show me a city or neighborhood where Blacks or so called Latinos have moved into that became safer or cleaner.”

See what I mean? The second-highest is by “Karlly” who, with 22 up-votes and 0 down-votes wrote: “Too bad we can’t round up all the black mobs and ship them to Afghanistan. They fight just as dirty as the Taliban and Al Queda so they would be evenly matched…we could get rid of two problems at the same time…oh wait, the black mobs prefer to pick on white defenseless people don’t they…guess that wouldn’t work then.”

Fourth in line is “DSB71” with 30 up-votes and 1 down-vote, and it illustrates the latter — not racism, but politicization: “It’s really quite simple, visitors to the US should be given a red / blue map, county by county, and warned to avoid all areas colored in blue, the filthy, drug & rat infested, Obama Democrat controlled crime cesspools. Stay away from these areas and you’re likely to have a wonderful, enjoyable, and memorable visit.” Um, yeah, because foreign tourists like to visit the backwaters of Alabama or the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma (no offense to readers who live in either state, but I think you would admit that you get fewer tourists than, say, Hollywood).

I didn’t see any comments that had a large number of ratings that did not fall into one or both of those two categories. Kinda typical for WND, and sad that these people exist.

  1. funkmon says:

    I see you go just a little too far in the other direction, associating red counties with backwater places or those not desireable.

    • Stuart Robbins says:

      Perhaps a bit. But, I think that most of the primary tourist attractions / locations / destinations in the US are fairly blue. I’m thinking California, New York, DC. Florida is purplish-red, and national parks in every state don’t really count for this because you don’t go there for anything man-made (except in very rare examples like Mt. Rushmore).

    • Flip says:

      Came to the comments to say the exact same thing.

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