Wiping Israel Off the Map, Literally

Posted: November 20, 2013 in politics
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I’m not sure how one forgets a country, especially one with the innumerable political sensitivities that Israel brings out. Yet, the very large publisher, Scholastic, did just that in a story that keeps on giving to Teabagistan.

Here’s the story from a reputable news source, the Washington Times. Or, here it is from WND, “Scholastic Apologizes for Omitting Israel from Map.” And of course the immediate follow-up, let’s just choose this blog at random, perhaps because of the humorous paragraph: “Got the message? The folks at Scholastic are really, really sorry about the snafu. And they really, really care about Israel.” As in, within pretty much one day, they started issuing corrections and free downloads with the correct map.

Now, again, I have no idea how that happened. I would suspect that there will be a rather rigorous internal investigation at Scholastic, again given the political sensitivities here. Would I be a hypocrite if I gave them a free pass when I got annoyed with Barilla pasta’s CEO and his homophobia? I don’t think so, considering that Barilla took several days (weeks?) and only bowed due to social pressure, while Scholastic pretty much immediately – especially for a giant corporation – issued a fix.

Of course, WND smells conspiracy. Their original article, posted on I think November 13, has a paltry 16 comments but the top several are variations on “Notre Dame”‘s, “This was no accident.”

Meanwhile, it got WND’s Islamophobe-in-Chief, Pamela Geller, in a tizzy such that she dedicated her column on November 17 to it, “Scholastic Erases Israel from the Map.” Note that it was put up at least two days after Scholastic fixed their mistake.

That, however, did not stop Geller from saying that this was “unconscionable. Our children are being indoctrinated with this genocidal poison. Scholastic was joining in with and validating the genocidal jihadist dreams of the “Palestinians.” But even more destructively, they’re poisoning young minds with Islamic rhetoric and Jew hatred.”

Wow. It’s amazing how much absurd vitriol can fit into three sentences.

She also states, “This was no error. It couldn’t have been accidental. This map didn’t just slip through the cracks. Having published books with WND and Simon & Schuster, I can tell you firsthand that every comma, every period, every indentation is vetted, edited and checked numerous times. The fact is, Scholastic signed off on that map.” And I can tell you after reading several books that many editors don’t give a darn and let the author publish whatever the heck they want (witness the entire foreword in Mike Bara’s latest book being a rant against me).

The only good thing about Geller’s column is that, like many other ones of her’s that I have covered on this blog, it hasn’t been that well-read (judging by the number of ratings (2) and comments (6)).


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