Judges Gotta Be GOD-fearin’ Folks

Posted: November 21, 2013 in politics, religion
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I file this under “fake news” because WND’s headline is highly misleading. One might accuse them of making things up. The story is “Senate Panel OKs Obama’s Anti-God Nominee.”

Now, most readers of this blog probably wouldn’t care if someone is an atheist. Jurisprudence should have nothing to do with any religious code, especially in a secular society. It should be based on the nation’s laws, and last time I checked, the United States is not a theocracy. The story is almost beside the point in this case, it’s the “Anti-God” part.

What’s fascinating, and why I tagged this as “fake news,” is that I can find nothing about current San Francisco Deputy City Attorney, Vince Chhabria, being an atheist or anti-god. The only thing from the article that I can find is that he defended San Francisco against a lawsuit by Catholic Charities, who were suing the city over adoption policies. Of course, failure to defend the city would have meant he was not doing his job. But otherwise, I can’t find anything about his religious affiliation, if any.

The story has only 5 ratings for an average of 4.8/5, and it has only garnered 26 comments, so it didn’t seem to peak the interest of many WND readers. The comments are what one might expect, so not worth quoting — stuff like blaming the RINOs (Republican In Name Only) for letting him through, “another Obama plant,” etc.

  1. Kyle Watson says:

    I read through his 40 page Senate Judiciary Committee Questionnaire and there’s no further information in there, either. He actually seems like a very good candidate. He’s worked on a lot of major cases and seemed to be a good lawyer for the city of San Francisco. I’d support him as a judge, regardless of religion.

    The questionnaire is here if anyone else wants to take a look:

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