In Soviet-Style Russia, WND Readers Would Be Happy!

Posted: November 24, 2013 in politics
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Until you tell them it’s authoritarian communism.

Russia, now an ostensibly democratic country, continues to stifle free speech and expression. Perhaps most visibly lately is their ban on any “homosexual propaganda” which has been playing out more than it might have because of the winter 2014 Olympics being held it Sochi. In fact, a Google-based auto-complete for the word “Sochi” has “boycott” listed in the top five because of the repression.

Sochi Auto-Complete to Boycott

Sochi Auto-Complete to Boycott

The purpose of this post is not to discuss the Sochi Olympics nor “homosexual propaganda” (the ban on which WND gleefully touted), but rather the latest, posted last night (see, I’m catching up on my back-log!): “Moscow Mayor: No More Mosques in My City.” WND’s take is the three paragraphs from a Christian Science Monitor article, and while it’s further evidence of a lack of freedom of religion and expression in Russia, it’s also capitalizing on Islamophobia, a raison d’être for WND.

While the recent anti-US-government rally was much lauded by WND – even though every participant would have been arrested and the story never allowed to be published in Russia – the WND commenters are quite pleased over this bit of censorship. In the 15 hours since the article was posted, it has gotten 10 ratings (4.80/5 average) and 16 comments. The top-rated comment is the general perception, but it’s worth quoting several just to show the hypocrisy, Islamophobia, and just general attitudes of these particular WND commenters:

  • “lazarus” (13 up, 0 down votes): “Kudos to the Russians.”
  • Reply to “lazarus” by “wearyconservative1946” (5 up, 0 down votes): “Agreed, but I’d be even more impressed if world leaders would come together to ban ALL Islamic worship and it’s congregations AND deport ALL muslims and persians to whatever country of assbackward, 6th century savages they choose.”
  • “charlie” (13 up, 0 down votes): “pity he cant come here and run for president, but then why not, a terrorist from kenya did!”
  • “no1hd” (11 up, 0 down votes): “Putin and his group seem to be more concerned about their people than our obama boys.”
  • “Av8rcfii” (11 up, 0 down votes): “Holy moly batman, I’ve always considered myself a proud patriot, but I’ve really been impressed with the Russians attitudes lately. Wish they’re pull a red dawn on our Muslim crowd too.”
  • “Dug” (11 up, 0 down votes): “When he’s finished in Moscow, he can come to Sydney and do the same.”
  • “chris” (1 up, 0 down votes): “Freedom of religion, more like forward operating bases for Chechen Muslims. There has never been a Islamic related attack that has not originated or had some of the operations discussed in a mosque. If countries would just enforce immigration policies preventing these cockroaches from entering, they would’t have to worry about freedom of religion issues.”

Now, in fairness, a few pointed out what I did. For example, “ClearThinkingUSA” posted 8 hours ago, “The power to ban mosques is the same as the power to ban churches or synagogues, or Buddhist temples. Next he will ban baptist churches because no true Russian can be anything other than Russian Orthodox.” They got 2 up-votes and 1 down-vote for their trouble.

“ClearThinkingUSA” wrote another comment 4 hours ago (4 hrs after the first post) clarifying: “No freedom of religion or first amendment rights in Russia.” They got 4 down-votes until “Arch” gave them a single up-vote.


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