An Evolution Post Brings Out the Most Ridiculous “Debunkings” of Evolutionary Theory

Posted: November 25, 2013 in education, science
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If any of you follow any sort of atheist-leaning blogs, over the last week you probably saw that Texas was at it again, the School Board this time refusing to approve certain text books until some of their “experts” could tell them that, no, creationism was not presented alongside evolution. Okay … I exaggerate a bit, and for the real story, you can go to Jerry Coyne’s blog, the last post in the series on the issue.

For its part, World Net Daily decided to post just three paragraphs from CBS News on the issue and they titled it, “Evolution Debate Engulfs Texas Textbooks.” It has only 6 ratings (4.67/5 stars) for being up up for three days, but it does have a respectable 175 comments.

The majority of the highly ranked comments are anti-evolution, but they are using some of the stupidest arguments that are among the most easily debunked. And, more surprising, the immediate replies that are highly ranked are debunking them.

For example, “ngorgh” has 9 up and 1 down votes (highest to-date), and wrote, “Even Darwin in his latter days said it was hooey!” To be clear, Darwin never said that – the whole “death bed confession” idea that’s trotted out. Even Answers in Genesis lists this as an argument NOT to use, as pointed out in the 5 up and 1 down vote reply by “jillybean”: “Actually Darwin never backed away from his theory. They confirm that over at Answers in Genesis.”

Next up is “dj” who wrote, in part, with 12 up and 4 down votes: “Is it more logical to believe nothing exploded into everything and your grandpa was a monkey or in the beginning God created?The laws of causality and 2nd law of thermodynamics are empirical, demonstrated, and repeatable. The “theories” of Neo- Darwinian macro evolution and the big bang are just that “theories” .Unprovable conjectures of academics, mostly atheists,preferring not to acknowledge the existence of God because they don’t like His moral laws.”

Can we count the logical fallacies there? Most obvious is the straw man – making up an argument and then fighting against it. That’s perhaps one of the most obvious ones, and I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to find the others. 🙂 More to the point, several stupid claims are in here, like the whole “evolution says your grandpa was a monkey” (No), the second law of thermodynamics says evolution can’t happen (No), the false dichotomy of “macro vs micro” evolution, and of course the classic “evolution is just a theory.” The top-rated reply (wow!) with 6 up and 0 down votes is by “Dancewithme”: “This comment is a scathing indightment of our education system…did people on here just not go to their science classes or are the teachers that bad”

Next up is “Noble Gunnz” with 7 up and 1 down vote whose entire argument is based on the Appeal to Final Consequences logical fallacy (arguing that because of a final outcome – the consequence – then the things that led up to it must be a certain way) and perhaps another. S/he wrote, “Different beliefs result in different outcomes…a society that believes in survival of the fittest will probably evolve differently than one which subscribes to a “thou shalt not kill” mode of existence. We are free to choose. Texas Knockout Game, anyone? This is not just an intellectual excercise. Tinkering with the belief system in the schools has real-world consequences.” In other words, “Because I think that believing in evolution leads to consequences I don’t like, evolution is wrong.”

The craziness goes on. For example, the next post is by someone just quoting Bible verses. After that we have “Hagion” with 10 up and 3 down-votes: “No thinking person believes the blather about evolution any longer. Give me a break. First there was nothing…then it exploded! So everything was created by nothing. My God how could someone say they believe that with a straight face. We’ve had zero results from the fosil record for far too long, microbiology destroys the basic concepts of evolution, quantum physics fails to work in the context of Darwin. Stop selling us this snake oil.”

Amazingly again, “Econ major” has 11 up and 1 down vote with this scathing reply: “You clearly failed your science classes. What was your graduating GPA, a 0.6? Big bang theory is a completely separate theory than the theory of evolution. One concerns cosmology, and the other biology. The rest of what you said is nonsensical. Please go get a basic science education. That is why America is failing: our kids are so stupid they cannot be productive.”

To each of these, there are more responses. I recommend reading them if you have time to kill and seeing just the lunacy of some of these people and the further evidence of how Bible-based thinking is destroying science education and literacy.


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