Large Climate Change Update from WND

Posted: December 15, 2013 in climate change, conspiracy, science
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For my first post in about three weeks, I have just as many WND stories on climate change that I’m going to just compile here, mostly to point out that — yup!! — they still think it’s a fraud and conspiracy and liberal propaganda, etc. etc. etc.

One story is from November 24, 2013: “Democrat: Stadiums at Risk from Sea-Level Rise“. It’s a 2-paragraph excerpt from a CNS News article where Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) “warns sports stadium are at risk from the ‘sea level rise effects of climate change,’ and that climate change specifically threatens hockey and skiing.” I’m not quite sure what I think about that since it seems somewhat minor relative to everything else that climate change threatens, but if that’s the only way to reach people (“Oh noes! Sportses will be ruined!”), then I’m all for it. The story got a meager 3 ratings (3.67/5 stars) but 49 comments. The comments are exactly what we’ve come to expect from WND: Global warming is fake and Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim. Sigh.

Next up is an actual article on the subject, from November 25, 2013, by WND’s own “senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief,” Aaron Klein: “If You Like Your Climate, You Can Keep It.” Two interesting bits on this one before we even can get to the article. First is the URL, which implies the article was initially titled, “Here’s Brains Behind Climate Change Deception.” Second is the sub-title: “Obama minion strikes again in massive effort to deceive Americans.” President Obama has minions now? Makes him sound almost … diabolical?

The story is about marketing, claiming that it was “progressive pollster Celinda Lake” who “recommended the use of the term ‘climate change’ after her research found many people were not buying into the term ‘global warming.'” The entire rest of the article goes off of this premise. Now, I cannot speak to whether that’s true from a political standpoint. What I do know is that the term “global warming” is accurate, as is “climate change.” “Climate change” is just more accurate. That’s because, just like in the last ice age, the entire globe was not covered in ice. Summer was still warm. It was just that winters were colder, climate overall was colder, and so accumulated snow and ice was more stable and melted less, creeping farther south in the process. Similarly, global warming is the same, but opposite: Not everywhere on Earth will experience a net warming (though those locations will be few and far between), and certainly not all locations will experience the same amount of warming. You will still get cold winters. They will just be less frequent. You will still get ice and snow. It will just stay around less.

Ergo, “climate change” is a more accurate term, overall, for the average person to understand the concept. Surprisingly, Klein’s article does not appear to be widely read with only 17 ratings averaging 4.47/5 stars and an anemic 37 comments. Nothing new in the comments here, either.

The final article is by birther-in-chief, Jermoe R. Corsi, posted on November 29, 2013: “U.N. Milks ‘Warming’ Claim to Spend Half-Trillion-Plus.” Not sure why he put in that last hyphen. The first paragraph states: “Acting on global warming fears, the United Nations and the World Bank urged the spending of $600 to $800 billion a year on “sustainable energy” as an alternative to continued reliance on oil and natural gas.” And that’s the jist of the rest of the story.

Here’s my problem with this mentality, and it’s best summed up in this comic:

Climate Summit Comic by Joel Pett for USA Today

Climate Summit Comic by Joel Pett for USA Today

I have not seen any conservative / climate change = conspiracy person argue against it other than sorta muttering in a corner about “free markets.” This article has garnered 14 ratings (4.38 average) but a relatively large 113 comments. As with the other two, the comments are predictable and not worth going into.

World Net Daily has published several other articles over the last few weeks about global warming / climate change, but I did not open them up to write about — no catchy headlines.

Though, I wrote this post on an airplane and just checked my RSS feeds and Bob Unruh has one up from 3 hours ago: “‘Global Warming’ Iced By ‘Coldest Days Ever.’” It’s an actual full article, and given that, and the catchy headline, in 3 hours it has gotten 13 ratings (4.38/5 stars) and 4 comments. Again, nothing that you wouldn’t expect from WND (including the lovely non sequiturs like, “Marxists hate to lose.” by “Ruler4You”), but worth mentioning given my last paragraph.


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