Costco Says the Bible Is Fiction, Except they Didn’t, and Christian Love™ Ensued

Posted: December 17, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, religion
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This is a fun one, and I’m surprised that it took WND so long to post about it. I first read it around November 20 on The Friendly Atheist blog, and I even read their final post on it, the follow-up, on November 23, 2013. The post was entitled, “The Pastor Who Started the Whole Costco/Bible Controversy Is Ashamed at How Christians Have Reacted.” Over and done with. It took until December 4 for WND to post just a small snippet from Seattle P-I entitled, “Costco: Bible Is Fiction, Ron Burgundy’s Memoir Is Not.”

The short-short-short version (head over to TFA for the longer version), is that a pastor found it mildly humorous when he was at his local Costco and saw a book, the Bible, with a sticker clearly labeling it in the genre “Fiction.” He snapped a photo and posted it online. For laughs (yes, really, not to get pissed off about). An uproar ensued, Costco issued an immediate apology, and the full story, it turns out, is that their supplier put the label for a different book – one that was fiction – accidentally on a few copies of the Bible: “The warehouse chain said the distributor had made the error on a small number of Bibles. “However we take responsibility and should have caught the mistake.”” That’s it.

But, in true Christian Love™ fashion, there was a holy uproar of unrighteous indignation, totally ignoring the whole story and the original intent of the pastor. That’s why I really like TFA’s final post on the subject. Hemant quotes directly from the pastor who posted it:

Let me be clear on this: I was NOT angry, outraged, offended, stunned, shocked, upset, gained a shattered worldview, or ________________ (you fill in the blank). I put the pic on my social media feed to EVERYONE, not just my “flock.” It was then a couple of days later that I was approached by the press about the photo.

… I specifically said [to the media] each time, “I do not think that Costco did this intentionally. I don’t believe there’s an evil mastermind genius working at Costco to undermine the authority of Scripture.” Unfortunately, people hijack and spin stories so they can get their own view on the matter across.

And, a Christian blogger, Ed Stetzer, has a great point:

If you got outraged over a labeling mistake, maybe it’s time to take a moment and ask if that’s the best approach. Maybe it’s time to ask if you need to be more discerning, less gullible, and need some new sources of information beyond constantly-outraged websites and social media outlets.

Let me add, when Christians are constantly outraged by fake controversies, we look foolish and have no credibility to speak into real issues.

Um … yup!

So, of course, if you have read this blog at all, you know how WND reacted. Their article wasn’t too well-read, but it did get 5 ratings for 4.60/5 stars and 11 comments were posted. Not of Christian Love (the Jesus kind between a man and his fellows), but Christian Love™ (the outrage kind when they are slighted because we live in a theocracy and this is blasphemy).

For example, “Pi10107” (2 up, 0 down votes) wrote, “This stuff is happening almost every day. It is not an accident. It is done on purpose.”

“JohnK57” (2 up, 0 down votes) wrote, “Thanks, public school!”

There was the obligatory dig at President Obama. And, the most up-voted comments were calls to boycott Costco. Ah … another story about Christian Love™.


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