Is It Any Surprise World Net Daily Can’t Take a Joke About Jesus?

Posted: December 17, 2013 in religion
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The Onion is a satirical “news” outlet that is well known for writing, well, satire. I find most of what they do funny, though it has been years since I read any of their stuff. For awhile, they had a vodcast that I watched but then I couldn’t get anything to come from their feed.

They are generally liberal, but they will poke fun at everyone and everything. Doesn’t matter what topic. They were among the first to do a satirical piece about the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

Some governments have fallen for their satire, thinking that it was a real story. Famously just last year, Iran did so. Two months later, China was duped, as well. So while I want to say that “everyone” knows about The Onion and what they do, obviously that would be hyperbole.

World Net Daily knows about The Onion, and they are not happy. To the extent that they got Joe Kovacs, executive news director of WND, wrote the article: “Parody Mag: Jesus ‘Turned Tricks for Money.’” I personally found the story somewhat funny. WND did not. Here’s The Onion‘s story if you want to read it.

The WND article has garnered 26 ratings for an average 3.65/5-star rating, and there are currently 45 comments. Most of them are what you would, as usual, expect from WND and none are really worth quoting. Broadly, saying that they would never do this about Mohammad, why don’t they cover Obama being from Kenya, they won’t be laughing when they stand in judgement (apparently their deity can’t take a joke?), abuse of freedom of speech, etc. Oh, and of course thinking that we live in a theocracy and this is blasphemous and should be illegal.


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