World Net Daily Happily Prints Fake News Stories from FOX

Posted: December 17, 2013 in religion
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Let’s start with The Friendly Atheist, who on December 7, 2013, posted, “Todd Starnes of Fox News Lies Again: A Texas School Did Not Ban Christmas Trees and the Colors Red & Green.” For those who aren’t in the know, Todd Starnes is one of FOX’s über-Christians who is happy to fake stories – or at least bend the facts – to generate indignation. Hemant over at TFA even starts his post with: “I think this is the third fake story “reported” by Fox News’ Todd Starnes in the past two weeks. But I could be wrong since I’ve only read three of his stories in the past two weeks.”

Not an auspicious beginning. Starns wrote:

Boys and girls who attend the Nichols Elementary School “Winter Party” will not be able to make any reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday. Christmas trees are also banned — along with the colors red and green.

At the risk of over-quoting from TFA, I’m going to over-quote:

The Frisco Independent School District issued a statement on Thursday completely contradicting Starnes’ lies:

An unfortunate misunderstanding regarding an email that was sent by a room mom has unfairly portrayed a school and the Frisco ISD as having violated the “Merry Christmas Law.” This is simply incorrect.

The email being referenced was not an official PTA email nor was the school aware of it being sent. The email that was sent by the room mom was sent two weeks before the party planning meeting had even been held. At the party planning meeting held on November 19, prior to any knowledge of the email, the school leaders went over the new law as part of the meeting. Please understand, there has never been a ban on what is worn, what is said, or what is brought to the party…

When the email was forwarded to Mr. Fallon stating no red or green or Christmas trees and no reference to Christmas or another religious holiday, he sent a letter to our Superintendent regarding the law. Our Superintendent called him and assured him these were not our rules. We are still unsure of why the campus and District’s position was misunderstood and why there is the feeling that there is some sort of ban of items or greetings regarding the winter holiday parties at that school.

I can explain the misunderstanding: You see, Starnes is desperate to promote the fake “War on Christmas” and since he can’t find actual stories of people discriminating against Christians, he just makes shit up. It’s Fox News, not the New Yorker.

So, Starnes was wrong. The school district states this unequivocally with, “This is simply incorrect.”

Of course, WND was more than happy to pick up the fake news story and print it with no update, no checking, no follow-through, no-nuttin’, for the readers to get worked up about, just as Starnes did: “School Bans Christmas Trees, Colors Red and Green.”

And, worked up, they did get. 12 ratings for a 3.33/5 average, but 53 comments. The highest-rated is from “disqus_IlLmcj7Ll3” with 19 up-votes and zero down-votes: “Fire the Principle………problem solved.” Yeah, sure, fire the principal if it was actually the principal’s policy and it was real. But, similar sentiment was espoused by several other commenters. Again, uncritically, unthinking, just … indignant.

“kingdad” perhaps hit the proverbial nail on the head with the intent of the article, pointing out that this is an “attack on Christianity!” After all, ’tis the Christmas season so ’tis the time to claim that there is a War on Christmas.

To be fair, at least one person tried to point out that the story was fake. “Capdragon” got 3 up-votes and 2 down-votes for his trouble: “Todd Starnes is full of it. The story isn’t true, it’s been explained and the school has told Starnes AND Fox news the facts of the matter. But, as the facts don’t fit Starnes and Palins “War on Xmas” narrative, they are being denied.” No one responded. “Suzy” did the same thing, and she also got down-voted for it.


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