Are WND Readers Afraid of Anal Probing?

Posted: December 18, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, homosexuality
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I was attempting to come up with some sort of pithy, intelligent title for this very short post, but in the end, anal probing was all I could think of. The story is, “Same-Sex Weddings 17% of Washington Marriages.” Because if you don’t let a sub-group of people do something that everyone else can do, and then you let them, they will form a disproportionate number who do that for awhile.

I didn’t plan on doing a post about this very poorly-read WND story (2 ratings, 3.00/5 average; 5 comments). But some of the comments just struck me as, “Hmm … maybe THAT’S what they’re afraid of with respect to The Gay.”

Of the five comments, two of them follow this vein. First is “rbtark62” who wrote, “If you drop a quarter, your safer to just leave it rather than bending over to pick it up.” And he also wrote, “Don’t bend over in Washington should be a traveler advisory.”

Is that the issue? Are homophobes just afraid that they are so attractive and their butts so inviting that if gays can get married, then logically they’re just going to grab you and “probe” your butt? Really?


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