We’re Against Wildlife Protection and Hunting Restrictions, Unless Obama Is, Too

Posted: December 18, 2013 in politics
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In a link to an Associated Press article, WND posted on December 7, “Obama Offers 30-Year Eagle-Killing Permits.”

I admit that the image in my head was of former governor, former VP candidate Sarah Palin now not going elk hunting in her helicopter, but going eagle hunting.

This visage in my head is because, typically, I read and hear about how conservatives are against any hunting restrictions, are against wildlife protection, want to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency, and think it’s insane that if you kill an animal on your property that’s threatening you, it is you who could be doing something illegal and could be punished. That’s what you typically hear about, right?

This story is about President Obama’s administration granting permits to some startups that want to make wind farms to generate electricity, but those startups are afraid to do so because of the danger of killing a bald or golden eagle that may fly into the blades. The illegality of killing those eagles makes many balk at trying to start it up, because lawyer fees may cost as much as the equipment (maybe? — you get the idea). This permitting process is meant to ease that so more will be encouraged to make these wind farms.

It seems like a win-win from my point of view between the small (but growing) wind power industry and conservative ideas in the sense of easing restrictions on killing wildlife accidentally. Environmentalists, won’t be happy, but that’s a third party that WND certainly doesn’t care about in this story.

What I don’t understand is why WND readers are so ticked about this. The story does only have 3 ratings (3.67/5 stars) and 14 comments. The highest-rated is “Tosheba” with 10 up and 0 down: “Oh, man, this dude is dangerous.” “Looking4Sanity” (who won’t find it on WND) responded with, “The worst is yet to come. Brace yourself.” That person got 8 up votes and 0 down. Other comments are similar but longer.

I seriously do not understand this. It it that bald eagles are different because they are the national bird? Then what about the golden eagle permit? Or, is it as I proposed that they really would be for this if anyone except President Obama had been the one to authorize it?


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