Megyn Kelly’s “Jesus and Santa Were White” Flap

Posted: January 24, 2014 in racism, religion
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It seems like so long ago that this came up, but I’ve had it in my queue and so have been staring at the page now for the last six weeks, so by golly I’m gonna talk about it. On Wednesday night (that would be Wednesday, December 11), FOX “news” anchor Megyn Kelly, “declared on her … show that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white.” Clearly, outcry ensued. The Friendly Atheist has a post on it, (well, actually two), and it even inspired a lovely meme, copied below for fun.

Megyn Kelly's Reality

Megyn Kelly’s Reality

I’m posting about this because I found it a bit odd that World Net Daily “only” chose to post three links to other news sources and two articles on the issue, milking it for almost a week. And because I’ve had one them open for several weeks. They are:

The commentary by WND’s writer (John Rocker) can perhaps be summarized by his third paragraph:

Stupid, idiotic, heavy eye role, whatever category you would like to put this conversation into, it’s an actual conversation nonetheless. Try as I might I can’t help but choke on the obvious irony of this ridiculous topic. The left, in its relentless pursuit of a colorblind America, constantly leaps to any scenario no matter how actual or presumed where skin pigmentation is made to be the sole focus.

Joseph Farah’s story, instead of arguing the points or the social phenomenon, chose to perhaps be more offensive than he normally is, using “Santa” as a clear term for President Obama. Here’s a sampling:

Santa Claus is not white – nor is he a mythical figure, as you claimed in your clarification of your original comment.

He’s real, and he is of mixed race.

He does, however, currently live in a white house, at taxpayer’s expense.

There are, indeed, some mythological aspects of the Santa legend that need clarification:

  • He does not manufacture toys and gifts at his plant in the North Pole. That is untrue. In fact, Santa doesn’t manufacture anything – except debt and executive orders. In fact, Santa has no record of manufacturing anything in his life. Manufacturing in the U.S. has been plummeting since he began his Santa Claus act five years ago.
  • … He takes wealth by force from about 40 percent of the population of the U.S. and redistributes it as he sees fit to empower himself and Santa’s “helpers.”

… There are some similarities in the real Santa and the mythological character:

  • No one knows for sure where they come from. But it’s safe to rule out the North Pole for the real one.
  • No one knows for sure when they were born or exactly how old they are. Reliable documentation is lacking in both cases.
  • There is mystery about where and how the mythological Santa got his education. Same for the real Santa.

… Yes, Megyn, there is a real Santa Claus. It’s time to report the ugly truth about him.

I was thinking it might be worth discussing some of the comments (across all of the posts, there are hundreds), but then again, I’m thinking not. The very top-rated comment, on the first link, is from “NatanElias” (17 up-votes, 1 down-vote), who wrote, “MLK was black and I feel uncomfortable. I want a caucasian one.” That was when I decided that it wasn’t worth going into these comments.


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