Story Points on India Same-Sex Sex Ruling Lost, WND Readers Don’t Care

Posted: January 24, 2014 in homosexuality, legal / law
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Resuming my postings from the long-queued stories of a month ago, we have the story of India’s Supreme Court upholding a ban on same-gendered marriages. World Net Daily posts the following four paragraphs from The Associated Press under the title, “India’s Supreme Court Upholds ‘Gay’-Sex Ban:”

India’s Supreme Court struck down a 2009 lower court decision to decriminalize homosexual conduct, dealing a blow Wednesday to gay activists who have fought for years for the chance to live openly in India’s deeply conservative society.

The judges said only lawmakers and not the courts could change a colonial-era law that bans homosexual acts and makes them punishable by up to a decade in prison.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community across India reacted to the surprise decision with defiance.

“We cannot be forced back into the closet. We are not backing off from our fight against discrimination,” said Gautam Bhan, an activist who had petitioned the court.

What’s fascinating in this story I almost passed over is the spin. The original story, which is actually from ABC News from the AP, is no longer online. But in other cached versions, I can find no text equivalent to the quoted sub-title on WND: “Ruled in the interest of the health of its society rather than the interests of activist groups”. As in, this is WND’s spin, not the AP’s nor ABC’s.

That’s the first bit. Second is in the comments. But, before I get there, I have to give a teensy bit of back-story: India’s Supreme Court was answering the question of whether the decriminalization ruling by a lower court was in line with India’s Constitution. India’s Constitution, from what I’ve been able to gather, is based on British colonial law, which had criminalized homosexuality. India’s Supreme Court ruled that the lower court’s ruling was not in line with the constitution – in a very narrow ruling – not whether homosexuality should or should not be criminalized. They left that up to the legislature.

To repeat: This was not India’s Supreme Court saying that The Gay are bad and should be imprisoned. This was the Court saying that a lower court’s ruling did not follow India’s Constitution.

With that out of the way, we can go to the 10 comments. All are pro-India, without understanding what went on. For example, “gardeninggal1” with 7 up and 0 down votes: “A Supreme Court with some sense. They can see what has happened here and want no part of perverts demands that are never ending.”

Or “Nifty” with 6 up and 0 down votes: “Looks like the rest of the world is starting the backlash against the gay movement. Will the West follow? Will those lecturing others on ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’ be pretending they didn’t in a decade or so?”

Or “Joe” with 2 up and 0 down: “Excellent. It looks like only corrupt Western governments are obsessed with stuffing anal down the people’s throats and teaching it to children in their failing public school systems.”

None of these people actually understand the ruling. None of them probably care, either. They see a story that seems to have anything negative with respect to homosexuality and there Is Good.


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