Another Scare Fake Story from WND’s Aaron Klein

Posted: January 25, 2014 in politics
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It seems that the majority of stories here that I tag as “fake news” were written by Aaron Klein, the “senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief.” He seems to be perhaps second only to Jerome Corsi in making things up. The story du jour is, “U.S. Plan Gives Jerusalem Holy Sites to Vatican.” I expect it will have the same amount of “this will come true” as some of his other stories I’ve written about (such as Obama giving up the Temple Mount, the US conspiring with Europe against Israel, or more on the Benghazi “scandal”).

Klein’s thesis this time can perhaps be summed up in his first two paragraphs:

Secretary of State John Kerry quietly presented a U.S. plan for eastern Jerusalem that calls for an international administrative mandate to control holy sites in the area, according to informed Palestinian and Israeli diplomatic sources.

The exact composition of the international mandate is up for discussion, the sources said, but Kerry’s plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican, together with a group of Muslim countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Uh huh. The same informant as the one who told Klein that Obama was giving the Temple Mount to the Palestinians?

But, this kind of stuff gets the WND crowd going. The story, published on December 15, 2013, got 310 ratings (4.36/5 stars) and a whopping 1158 comments. Probably why this kind of story gets so much engagement from the normal WND crowd is this sentiment, expressed by the top-rated comment by “Joseph Miller” (91 up, 0 down votes):

To Israel:
Remember most Americans DO NOT support Obama or Kerry. Their plan is a fraud. They probably have back room deals made with Muslims to take Jerusalem. In no way trust these two or turn your back on them for any reason! Reject their plan. Most Americans stand with Isreal on their God given land. God gave it to you! Keep it. Don’t work with Obama and Kerry.

Well, I think I have said about all there is worth saying on this topic. Next up is …


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