I really don’t know what World Net Daily hopes to accomplish other than drumming up continued support for its extreme right-wing conspiracy-minded readership (and staff). Bob Unruh’s article on December 13, “‘Universe-Shattering’ Twist in Obama Birth Probe,” is yet another in a long line of articles (which really began with WND) that President Obama was not born in the United States.

This one, in particular, is really just an announcement article of things to come. Which never did. Especially something “universe-shattering.” The claim this time appears to be centered around the death of Hawai’i state Health Department chief, Loretta Fuddy, from a plane crash. The clear implication being that she was going to reveal something. The obvious question being, if she had any information about this, why would she be killed five years after President Obama’s election when he has no further elections for which to run? Seems kinda like the King Tut “curse” (supposedly, everyone involved with the excavation died because of the “curse,” except that the vast majority died decades later of natural causes).

However, I suppose the article accomplished its goal. As of this writing, or last reloading of the article, there were 1,492 ratings for an average of 4.82/5 stars. Pretty high – the most I’ve seen. Similarly, there are 1755 comments, the highest one getting 101 up-votes, another indication of how much this was read. I guess it’s pretty clear what WND readers tend to like to read on the site.

Meanwhile, a few weeks later on January 2, 2014, Bob Unruh put out another article trying to, yet again, make a mountain out of a molecule: “White House Nightmare: Eligibility Case Still Alive.” Except it’s not. And the “universe-shattering” information is not revealed, though the promise of it persisted:

Arpaio’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo, told WND only weeks ago that the investigation continues, and is getting close to results, as sheriff’s investigators now are officially helping the volunteer Cold Case Posse.

“When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,” Mike Zullo told WND. “This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.”

Zullo explained that because it’s an active investigation that could produce criminal charges, he’s unable to reveal details at the moment.

Something tells me that President Obama is not having nightmares about this in anticipation. But, the article again achieved the goal of driving up the faithful: It garnered 837 ratings (a whopping 4.86/5 average, one of the highest I’ve seen with >100 ratings), and 1246 comments.


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