Pro-Polyamory/Habitation Ruling — Guess What World Net Daily Thinks

Posted: January 25, 2014 in legal / law
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Across a week (December 14-20), and then again on January 5, WND milked a marriage ruling in Utah. The federal Judge, U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups, ruled that key parts of Utah’s polygamy laws are unconstitutional. The plaintiffs were a family (of polygamists) that stars in the TV reality show, “Sister Wives.”

Surprising to me, WND’s staff did not pen any of them, but rather they are links to other news sources.

I know very little background to this case or issue, other than that the pre-state of Utah was a haven for Mormons, and Mormons practiced polygamy. As a condition for statehood and entry into the United States, the US required that Utah renounce polygamy, and hence the law(s?) against it.

As an unfortunately related issue, religious right (wrong) persons have long claimed that if same-sex marriage is legalized, then it would not be long before other “icky” forms of marriage would also be legalized, such as polygamy. Because, you know, Jesus.

Which, if you’ll allow me this digression, brings me to what Right Wing Watch characterized as: “Religious Right Activists Suddenly Against Biblical Definition of Marriage.” A-yup. Because the Bible clearly has many individual men with many wives to each of them. King Solomon had something like 700. And yet, none of these men are condemned. So, take that up your righteous patooty and suck on it.

Anyway, I’m more writing about this because it was news-worthy and WND linked to numerous stories on the topic. It got few comments (most along the lines of “we told you so” from the same-sex marriage slippery slope I mentioned) and few ratings.

Meanwhile, I personally tend to not care. As I’ve stated on this blog a lot, I think the government should tend to stay out of these social issues (revealing yet another contradiction of conservative “small government” people who want the government in everyone’s bedrooms). What I don’t like about polygamy is that it seems to be more prone to abusive, insular cultures, where women can become trapped and obligated to be in relationships they don’t want. But, that of course will go with any religion or cult, and is not unique to polygamy.


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