An Increasingly Non-Religious American Society Is Scary, Apparently

Posted: January 26, 2014 in religion
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As is typical leading up to Christmas, news editors look for the copy that writes itself. A poll showing a decline in religiosity? Great! Easy enough to put out. And, something about religiosity? Great! WND is going to copy it. Which they did in “Poll: Americans’ Belief in God Declining,” copied from CNS News. A few days later, they posted a follow-up article by Dan Cummins, “God’s Poll Numbers Are Down: Blame the Clergy!

The report is from a Harris Poll that showed belief in God (The God) declining from 82% to 74%, belief in miracles from 79% to 72%, belief in heaven from 75% to 68%, the devil and hell from 62% to 58%, and several other bits (relative to 2005, from what I can tell). The Friendly Atheist also has a post on this. Perhaps most encouraging is, “the percentage of people who believe in creationism is now the same as those who believe in UFOs, at 36%.”

I think this is more worth doing a quick blog post on just because I don’t think it got much press, and I think that you should be aware of it (it was just a week before Christmas, after all). The majority of WND comments are along the lines of non-believers going to Hell (the one they don’t believe in), praising God, biblical prophecy, etc. etc. etc.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cummins’ article has this fun paragraph: “Gallup’s polling also revealed that Darwin’s theory of evolution had a resurgent of new converts – up 42 percent from 2005. When God is profaned by His priests, people turn to pseudoscience to find meaning to life. The societal fabric is not evolving but dissolving into an unfit culture in which no one can survive – fit or unfit.” Evolution has converts? And is pseudoscience … relative to religion?! That’s where I stopped reading.

Moving on (because I think I have another hundred articles flagged to look more closely at for posts) …


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