Finding a Biblical Dye Means … Jesus?

Posted: January 27, 2014 in religion
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A short commentary for this WND article, published January 1, 2014 (hey! I’m finally caught up with 2013!): “New Biblical Discovery After 2,000 Years.” The crux of the article is this:

The mysterious source of an ancient blue dye used by the children of Israel on garments, at the command of God through Moses, has been found after 2,000 years.

An Israeli researcher says she has identified fabric that may contain a mysterious blue dye described in the Bible, one of the few remnants of the ancient color ever found.

The clear implication, “reading between the lines” here, is that if you find something in real life that was mentioned in the Bible, that’s proof the Bible is 100% true. That might be a bit of hyperbole, but I think most would agree that’s the intent. I’m actually reminded of a coin club meeting I went to that was on Biblical coins, and the guy ended by saying words to the effect that the reason he likes Biblical coins is that it’s evidence the Bible is Truth.

WND commenters and raters seem to agree, with 662 ratings (4.79/5 average) and 382 comments. Top-rated is by “Charliegirl4u” with 51 up and 0 down votes: “Wow, a snail!! There is not a word *good enough to described our GOD. HIS creations supplies our every need(s) ! ;-)”

Next is “kingdad” with 45 up and 0 down with a long comment I’m not going to copy. then “disqus_oajLzmvtVa” with 41 up and 0 down, “Amazing how GOD still allows even the color of a garment to be used to HIS GLORY. His WONDERS TO BEHOLD!” And “gardeninggal1” with 38 up and 0 down: “Fascinating comeback, it is not an accident.”

You get the idea.

And now I’ll give you mine. I think this example comes from the Cognitive Dissonance podcast: The comic book and movies Spiderman use real places and real names. That does not make Spiderman real.



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