Just Because David Rives Is Right on One Thing, Does Not Mean He’s Right About Anything Else

Posted: January 27, 2014 in religion, science
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I’ve talked about David Rives’ videos in the past, and while I unabashedly give him credit for nicely produced 2-3 minute-long clips, I’ve tended to point out that just how full of young-Earth creationist long-debunked ideas and non sequiturs they are. I’ve also tended to point out that, usually, the bulk of the comments are against what he says, and these tend to be highly rated, indicating to me that (1) the normal WND crowd does not watch his videos, and/or (2) he’s too creationism-centric even for them. I think the first option is more likely.

Rives video posted in late December was “Astronomy vs Astrology,” and it was posted under the title “God Behind the Stars, Not in Them.” I actually have no issues with the bulk of his video this time because its purpose is to explain the difference between astronomy and astrology.

He ends with the obligatory, “Truly … the heavens declare the glory of God,” but I can see why he thinks this is important to understand. Many more orthodox Christians view astrology as pagan, not only because it is (being a system of belief that is not part of the Church), but also because most astrology claims that stars and planets can control aspects of peoples’ lives, which is contrary to God controlling or influencing your life and removes some personal responsibility.

This surmising of mine is supported by a follow-up video Rives posted around January 16, entitled “Signs of the Times: The Bible and Astrology,” but WND headlined, “Is Astrology Compatible with Christianity?” Rives directly states, “The sun, the moon, and stars were to be for signs, seasons, days, and years. So does this make astrology biblically acceptable? Actually, quite the contrary.” And, he refers to it as “pagan,” and goes on for about a minute justifying his answer.

To the first video, there were 30 ratings with an average of 2.6/5 stars, and 10 comments. This time, most comments are pro-Rives, but the highest rated (“gertd” with 2 up and 1 down) is anti: “Astrology is complete bunk. However, astronomy completely contradicts Rives’ 6000-year-old earth idea too. He can’t claim to be a young earth creationist and be a fan of astronomy at the same time.” However, 6 of the remaining comments are replies.

To the second, there are 17 ratings (3.2/5 average) and 31 comments. Very few ratings on the comments. Most people supporting Rives in this case, and most pro-science comments being down-voted.


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